Saturday, June 14, 2008

Meet The Spartans Blu-ray Review

There are many bad movies that come along, and many good movies as well. Meet The Spartans falls in the bad movie category, but it's not like anyone expected it to be a good film to begin with, just some major profits at the box office.  I must admit I found the Paris Hilton scenes in the movie very humorous, but that's a long complicated story on why I found it funny, more of an inside joke really. Overall the movie had few laughs and got boring and repetitive within minutes.  The movie's short runtime could be considered a blessing by some, but really it was about an hour long, they then add an American Idol cast song, partial credits, and then some other scenes which aren't deleted as they are still included in the runtime but really just are, and then more credits to equal the hour and a half runtime. Okay, that was probably way confusing.

The Video:
Meet The Spartans comes on a BD-25 single layer disc from Fox, with a 1080p AVC MPEG-4 transfer and it looks great. The film is bright and fun while still managing to incorporate the 300-based theme of the movie. The transfer keeps the 3D look we have come to expect from the best transfers throughout the movie. There is some grain, but it's very unintrusive to the presentation. The transfer also manages to take away any sex appeal that came with the Carmen Electra name, her age is beginning to show, and Blu-ray just helps prove it even more.  9/10

The Sound:
Fox managed to include a DTS-HD Lossless Master Audio 5.1 Surround track, and while it's not amazing, it's definitely not bad, The movie is intended to be a comedy, so the audio is just fine. There's not much to say about it, it does it's job, it's good, just not anything amazing to write home about, although I can say it's beter than I expected it to be.  8/10

The Bonus Features:
Audio Commentary
"Know Your Spartans Pop Culture - Trivia Game 
Meet The Spartans: The Music
Prepare For Thrusting
Tour The Set With Ike Harinholtz
Gag Reel
Celebrity Knockoff Game
Super Pit Of Death Ultimate Tactical Battle Challenge
Triva Track
Theatrical Trailer A
Theatrical Trailer B

The features are really dull and get old within a minute at most, definitely not anything funny or reccomend a purchase for. The trivia track was annoying, and was basically commentary from Leonidas on where you can buy Carmen Electra's shoes from the movie (19.99 at and such.  The games are just clicking games with a lot of lag and just stupid to begin with.  I didn't even listen to the commentary track, although I'm sure it is stupid as well. Still, they did include quite a bit, despite how dumb and stupid the actual content was. I would give it a solid 5/10 for effort.

The Blu-News Summary:
Meet The Spartans came with a surprisingly good video transfer, an above average audio track, and a good amount of bonus features. The movie was pretty bad though, but I'm not going to dock the score based on the movie itself, but rather it's Blu-ray presentation. The Blu-ray presentation earns a solid 7.5/10 and an "Fans Of The Movie Or Stupid Movies Only" recommendation since the movie was unforunately not so great.

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