Monday, August 18, 2008

Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus: Best Of Both Worlds Concert Tour Blu-ray Review

Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus: Best Of Both Worlds Concert Tour Blu-ray Review
written by Loys Johnson

A first for Blu-ray, the concert tour includes both a standard high-def version, as well as a 3-D version. The concert tour comes to Blu-ray with a 1080p AVC/MPEG-4 video transfer, bringing some of the best high-def material from Disney. The concert just pops, right from the start I knew this was going to be amazing from at least a Blu-ray presentation point, the colors were nice and vibrant, black levels stayed deep throughout This definitely looks better than the 3-D version. 8/10

The 3-D version: I was anxious to see how the 3-D glasses would affect the Blu-ray version, and it's quite decent. The concert film comes with four pairs of 3-D glasses (red and blue, nothing groundbreaking or unexpected there), which I'm sure kids will be very excited to hear about. I will admit the 3-D worked pretty well for the presentation, although the backstage scenes were not in 3-D, and I did get a headache after a while. The 3-D was done quite well, with a solid depth that at least the kids will enjoy. I prefer the 2-D version though. 8/10

Disney has packed this release with some of the best audio they could provide. bringing a DTS-HD 7.1 Master Audio track, as well as uncompressed 2.0 PCM audio.
The DTS-MA track was quite good, I was a bit underwhelmed. Yes it did sound good, and I have never heard screaming fans so clear, but it had a lacking feel at times. I didn't expect the backstage scenes to sound amazing, and that was to be expected. The bass was lacking, but wasn't bad. I would say it's a solid 8/10 effort.

The Ultimate Personal Tour
Two Bonus Tracks

Blu-ray Exclusive:

The Ultimate Personal Tour is presented in standard definition, and basically just shows what has to be done to get ready for the concert. The two bonus tracks are 'Good And Broken' by Miley Cyrus, and the hit song 'SOS' by the Jonas Brothers, both in high definition. The Sing-Along brings up lyrics to the songs, if you really want to get your Hannah Montana on, good for kids I guess. There were no Blu-ray exclusives. 5/10.

Blu-news Summary:
Hannah Montana has become a huge phenomenon, as has Miley Cryus, having the second biggest female album debut this year. The concert definitely brings the best of both worlds for fans and any kid who watches the Disney Channel. Kids will love it, and be amused by the 3-D version as well. The transfer was fabulous, and the audio was a solid effort. Extras were a bit lacking, with out any Blu-ray exclusive features. Overall I would say 'Give It A Rent/Buy For Kids And Fans'.

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