Thursday, September 18, 2008

Leatherheads Blu-ray Review

Leatherheads Blu-ray Review
Written by Loys Johnson

Leatherheads comes to Blu-ray with a 1080p VC-1 video transfer that looks fantastic. Detail is amazing, and the stylized color palette is always very vibrant. Black levels are solid from start to finish. I was very impressed with the video transfer, leaping off the screen any moment it can. Some scenes are so incredibly three-dimensional, with every bit of detail visible. Leatherheads looks fantastic, and almost a perfect presentation. 9.5/10.

Universal Studios provides the film a DTS-HD 5.1 Master Audio track. The audio track makes good use of the surround speakers with the crowds cheering, and the film's well-fit soundtrack. Dialogue stays in the front speakers, and is very clear. I was not amazed by the track, but it sounds great overall. 8/10.

Audio Commentary with Director George Clooney and Producer Grant Heslov

Blu-ray Exclusive
Picure-in-Picture Track

The Picture-in-Picture track features a video commentary with Director George Clooney and Producer Grant Heslov, as well as behind-the-scenes and cast/crew interviews. MyScenes allows you to bookmark your favorite scenes. The track is very good, and provides a good behind-the-scenes look at the film, although you must have a Profile 1.1 capable Blu-ray player to access the Picture-in-Picture track. 5/10.

Blu-news Summary
Leatherheads is a fantastic film, with a fabulous story and a great cast. Renee Zellwegger usually bugs me in most films she is in, but she fits the part in Leatherheads quite well. George Clooney and John Krasinksi bring a lot of heart and humor to the film. The video presentation is stunning, and one of the best transfers I have seen on the Blu-ray format. The audio track is quite good, making good use of the surround speakers when it is able to. Extras are definitely lacking, and all featured in the Picture-in-Picture track. Leatherheads on Blu-ray is 'Highly Recommended.'

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