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Speed Racer Blu-ray Review

Speed Racer Blu-ray Review
Written by Loys JohnsonVideo
Speed Racer comes to Blu-ray a stunning 1080p VC-1 video transfer. The first thing you will notice is the amazing colors, they are extremely vibrant and bold, and leap off the screen. Detail is outstanding as well, with everything just coming to life on the Blu-ray transfer. I was so impressed by the transfer, and it's definitely one of the best transfers I've ever on the Blu-ray format. 10/10.

While the video is some of the best, the audio is not. Warner has decided to go with a lossy Dolby Digital 5.1 track. It's a shame that lossless audio was not included. The lossy track certainly sounds fine, but felt a bit limited. Dialogue was nice and clear, and the film did make quite a good use of the surround speakers. While it is a strong Dolby Digital track, it feels lacking when compared to most lossless audio tracks featured on other similar films. 6/10.

Speed Racer: Car-Fu (27:38) (SD)
Spritle In The Big Leagues (14:34) (SD)
Speed Racer: Supercharged (15:43) (SD)
Digital Copy (Not Compatible with Macs) (SD)

Blu-ray Exclusive
Speed Racer Crucible Challenge

Extras were all presented in standard definition, and not very interesting at all. There was quite a bit of behind-the-scenes in the short segments, but felt a bit boring over all. A Digital copy was included, as well as a DVD Game. The DVD game got old quite fast, but kids might enjoy it. 4/10.

Blu-news Summary
Speed Racer is not an amazing film, nor is it a bad film. I was left right in the middle, in that it is definitely watchable and quite fun, but not something I would find myself viewing much if ever again, but the video saves that. The Video presentation will keep me coming back, as it is some of the best high-def material I have seen on the format to date. Audio was decent, although a bit lacking. Extras were disappointing, but not too bad. Overall I would say 'Give It A Rent' for video presentation alone.

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