Friday, October 3, 2008

The Strangers Blu-ray Review

The Strangers Blu-ray Review
Written by Loys JohnsonVideo
Universal brings The Strangers to Blu-ray with a 1080p VC-1 video transfer on a BD25, including both theatrical and unrated cuts of the film via seamless branching. Overall, I was very impressed with the video presentation, particularly black levels. The black levels are so deep and rich, nothing a DVD counterpart could compete with. The film takes place at night for almost the entire film, and never was I disappointed. Film grain is minimal, and very non-intrusive. The source is very clean, and free of any issues. The Strangers looks fantastic.. 9/10.
A DTS-HD 5.1 Master Audio track is included, and the highlight of the Blu-ray presentation. The audio is amazing, and brought so much to the film. The film is definitely scary, and the lossless audio helps add to the chills. The knocks and bangs on the door, the scraping on the windows, the floor creaking, the record player, it was all very chilling. It all sounded very clear as well, including dialogue. The soundtrack was aggressive, and perfect for the film, 'The Strangers' provides the perfect atmosphere, and I give quite a bit of credit to the lossless track. It's a horror fan's dream. 10/10.
Deleted Scenes (4:51) (SD)
The Elements Of Terror (9:13) (HD)

The deleted scenes were boring, but The Elements Of Terror was very interesting. I loved the interviews, behind-the-scenes and just interesting facts about the film. In just a bit over 9 minutes, they provide quite the experience. Liv Tyler doing exercise to get all tired and sweaty before the scenes by doing jumping jacks was an interesting tidbit as well. BD-Live is not live for 'The Strangers' just yet, but you can share your favorite scenes with friends, as well as other things when it does launch. 5/10.
Blu-news Summary
The Strangers is one of the better horror films made in quite some time, it's just so creepy while keeping gore to the minimum. There was one scene in particular that was film-making at it's best, the scene still stands out to me, and could watch it again and again. The film relies on what is most scary, the quiet home surrounded in trees, the creepy visitor, and it gets better and better. I can't imagine many hating it, and it would at least make a solid rental. Just fantastic. The video presentation is great despite being very dark, and the audio is a horror fan's dream. Extras are a bit lacking, but at least entertaining. Overall 'The Strangers' is 'Highly Recommended.'To Order From, Click Here!

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GizmoDVD said...

100% agree with everything you wrote about The Strangers. The DTS MA is freaking amazing.