Monday, October 20, 2008

Tinker Bell Blu-ray Review

Tinker Bell Blu-ray Review
Written by Loys Johnson

Tinker Bell comes to Blu-ray with a 1080p AVC/MPEG-4 video presentation. The presentation really leaps off the screen from start to finish, with some gorgeous colors, and outstanding detail. Detail is very impressive, from every single strand of hair, to the textures of the plants and clothing. Colors are rich and bold, and never were unimpressive. The transfer definitely outshines many other other animated films I have considered some of the best, and this will definitely be new animated demo material for many people. 10/10.

Disney has included a 5.1 PCM (Uncompressed) audio track, which is quite strong. The film's music makes a great use of the surround speakers, dialogue tends to stay front and center, while staying very clear. Other than clear dialogue, and strong music, the audio presentation does not demand much. I didn't know what to expect from the audio presentation, but was left very pleased with the outcome. 8/10.

Magical Guide To Pixie Hollow (7:32) (HD)
Tinker Trainer
Ever Wonder (4:00) (HD)
'Fly To Your Heart' Music Video by Selena Gomez (3:14) (HD)
Deleted Scenes (With Optional Introductions By Director Bradley Ryamon And Producer Jeannine Roussel (12:57) (HD)
Creating Pixie Hollow (10:11) (HD)
BD-Live (BD-Live functions will be available on street date, October 28th)

Extras are all presented in high definition, including the music video, which have almost always been in standard definition in the past. The extras are mostly aimed at the kids, but adults should enjoy some of the features as well. BD-Live functions have yet to go live, but will feature the same functions provided on the Blu-ray release of Sleeping Beauty. 7/10.

DVD Comparison
I was able to compare the Blu-ray with the DVD version, and found the Blu-ray to be extremely superior. There is so much detail in the movie, that DVD could not ever come close to. Fans of the film should upgrade their DVD with out hesitation, as the transfer really does show a significant upgrade in both video and audio presentations of the film, as well as exclusive BD-Live features.

The DVD does not look bad, in fact colors are very strong, and overall presentation is very solid, the lack of detail is extremely noticeable though. There is so much to be seen, and Blu-ray is the only way to experience all that went into the film. DVD owners should upgrade with confidence.

Blu-news Summary
Tinker Bell is a fantastic film for kids and families, Yes the film is quite cheesy, but has a lot of heart, and one of the better direct-to-video Disney releases. The film will definitely entertain the kids, providing lots of laughs and lots of heart. The Blu-ray version blows the DVD version out of the water when it comes to detail, and overall presentation.

The audio track is very pleasing as well, with a good use of the surround speakers. Extras are more intended for the kids, although adults should enjoy some of the features as well. BD-Live will launch on October 28th for the release, in which Movie Chat as well as other things will become available. Tinker Bell on Blu-ray overall is 'Recommended'.

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