Thursday, January 8, 2009

I Am Legend: Ultimate Collector's Edition Blu-ray Review

I Am Legend: Ultimate Collector's Edition Blu-ray Review
Written by Loys JohnsonDisc 1:
Disc Size: 28.5 GB
Theatrical Film Size: 16.1 GB

Disc 2:
Disc Size: 22.4 GB
Alternate Ending Film Size: 15.1 GB

I Am Legend comes to Blu-ray with two versions of the film, each on their own disc. The transfers could be slightly improved over the original release which featured both on one disc, but I didn't notice a real difference. Both cuts of the film feature 1080p VC-1 video presentations, and look quite good. I was never very impressed by the picture quality on I Am Legend to be honest. There are definitely many 'WOW' scenes, but also quite a number of dull and softer scenes as well. The transfer was more good than bad, but it's still disappointing to see the film's small encode and think if they let it use more disc space, that it could have been at least slightly better. 8/10.

Warner has included 5.1 Dolby TrueHD audio tracks for both versions of the film, leaving me very impressed. The film uses the surround speakers very well when a scene calls for it, and everything sounded nice and clear. The film is not aggressive at all times, but when it is, it will surely impress. The audio presentation fit the film perfectly, and was quite immersive. Thumbs up. 9/10.

Disc 1:
Audio Commentary by Director Francis Lawrence and Producer/Screenwriter Akiva Goldsman
Cautionary Tale: The Story Of I AM Legend (20:41) (HD)
Creating I Am Legend (51:36) (HD)
Focus Points (HD)
Animated Comics (21:50) (HD)
Theatrical Trailer (2:46) (HD)

Disc 2:
The Making Of I Am Legend (25:57) (SD)
I Am Legend: The Making Up Shots (26:04) (HD)
Deleted Scenes (Available with commentary by Francis Lawrence and Akiva Goldsman (19:45) (SD)

Disc 3:
Digital Copy (Windows Media Compatible Only)


Blu-news Summary

I Am Legend is a decent popcorn flick that at least manages to keep you entertained from start to finish, I can't say that I enjoyed the theatrical ending at all. The alternate ending was definitely my favorite of two, but each felt a bit lacking. Many have probably seen the film by now, so you should know if you like it or not, to all others I would suggest renting the film first. The Blu-ray Collector's Edition is a fantastic package, and includes many things for fans of the film. Each version of the film has it's own disc, and it all comes in a nice big collector's edition package. The actual content is pretty great, and fans thinking of buying this ultimate edition, it's definitely 'Recommended.'

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Additional Screenshots:
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Farzan said...

Another excellent review, love how you decided to include actual screenshots from the film.

Loys Johnson said...

Thanks Farzan, I really appreciate your comments.

Yeah, screenshots will become a big thing from now on almost all reviews.