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Little Miss Sunshine Blu-ray Review

Little Miss Sunshine Blu-ray Review
Written by Loys JohnsonDisc Size: 36.0 GB
Film Size: 29.1 GB
Film Rating: R
Region A

Little Miss Sunshine comes to Blu-ray with a 1080p AVC/MPEG-4 video presentation. The film looks fantastic, and definitely better than I expected from a Fox catalog release. Fox has definitely stepped up over the past year, and it really shows. This is one of many recent fantastic high-def presentations from the studio, and it is sure to impress. The film really pops, and has a significant amount of added detail, as well as improved colors. The film is sharp and clear, without excessive specks or dirt. This low-budget production looks awesome. 9/10

A 5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio track is included, and I was actually quite pleased with it. The film really doesn't make much use of the surround speakers, but it does just fine with out them. Dialogue is the majority of the film, and it sounds clear while staying front and center. The film's music is front heavy, but actually quite fitting. We do get a few effects in the surround speakers, creating a subtle atmosphere for the film. This one won't impress, but it won't disappoint either. 7/10

Directors' Commentary by Jonathan Dayton & Valerie Faris
Screenwriter's Commentary by Michael Arndt with Directors Jonathan Dayton & Valerie Faris
Deleted Scenes (With optional commentary) (7:52) (SD/HD)
Do You Wanna Talk? (1:16) (SD)
Alternate Endings (With optional commentaries) (5:09) (SD)
On The Road With The Hoovers: The Making of Little Miss Sunshine (18:30) (SD)
"We're Gonna Make It.." A Session with Mychael Danna & Devotchka (2:52) (SD)
Who Are The Hoovers? (17:15) (SD)
No One Gets Left Behind: The Music of Little Miss Sunshine (10:13) (SD)
Webisodes (25:29) (SD)
Poster Gallery
"Till The End Of Time" Performed by Devotchka (4:00) (HD)
Soundtrack Spot (:31) (SD)

All extras are ported over from the DVD release as well as updated with a few more, although mostly in standard definition. The deleted scenes start off in standard definition first, and the later half are actually in high-definition. I really enjoyed the deleted scenes for the most part, but the 'Twins' scene was pretty much terrible and filled with bad acting from the twin beauty pageant contestants. There's quite a bit regarding the music in the film, which I find fitting, but not something I would personally want to listen to outside of the film. Overall though there is definitely some interesting extras to be found, and I really enjoyed the behind-the-scenes in the featurettes. 6.5/10

Blu-news Summary
Little Miss Sunshine is a fantastic film with some amazing performances. I really enjoyed everything about the cast. Greg Kinnear, Streve Carell, Tini Collette, Paul Dano, and personal favorites Abigail Breslin and Alan Arkin. Abigail Breslin has always done top notch performances in her films, but this one takes the cake. Little Miss Sunshine is a beautiful film, that is not only very funny, but also quite touching.

The Blu-ray release is very impressive, featuring one of the best looking catalog presentations from Fox. Everything looks so much better in high-def, from the detail to the colors. The transfer is clear and sharp, and sure to impress. The audio track isn't anything amazing, but was still clear and fitting. We also get all the extras from the DVD, as well as a few randomly added ones. This is a great package that is 'Highly Recommended.'

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