Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Rent: Filmed Live On Broadway Blu-ray Review

Rent: Filmed Live On Broadway
Written by Loys JohnsonDisc Size: 44.0 GB
Film Size: 30.4 GB
Film Rating: Not Rated

Rent comes to Blu-ray with a 1080p AVC/MPEG-4 video presentation, and looks very nice. The musical features all the colors of the rainbow, and really shines on Blu-ray. Colors are bright, vibrant, and really pop off the screen. Detail was almost always impressive, from facial to clothing detail, it all looks great. Black levels stayed very solid for the presentation as well. 9/10.

A 5.1 Dolby TrueHD audio track is included, and I think I expected too much from it. Don't get me wrong, the lossless audio can be extremely impressive, but at times was also quite muddy and dull compared to most music releases on Blu-ray. Lead vocals stay in the front, and for the majority is clear and center. The audience makes the majority of the surround use, and sometimes actually felt a bit too loud when compared to the overall track, but it wasn't too bad. The audio is certainly impressive for the most part, it just wasn't amazing. 8/10.

Rent: The Final Days On Broadway (36:56) (HD)
The Final Curtain Call (8:11) (HD)
Home (6:50) (HD)
The Wall (6:00) (HD)
Casting (7:50) (HD)
The Final Lottery (9:02) (HD)
National Farman Foundation PSA (1:02) (SD)
Jonathan Larson Performing Arts Foundation PSA (5:53) (SD)
Previews (HD)

All extras are presented in high-definition other than the two PSA announcements, which aren't really extras either. The featurettes were all very interesting, and had a lot of great facts that fans of the musical will truly enjoy. The Final Days On Broadway is a nice behind-the-scenes-look, as is The Final Curtain Call. Home, The Wall, and Casting all show some important aspects of the musical and the cast. The Final Lottery is footage from the final lottery for Rent, which people had a chance to win $20 tickets for the first two rows in the audience, as they went through the crowd you could see how significant this was to people. BD-Live is also included, but only takes you to the standard Sony portal, which features downloadable Blu-ray trailers and surveys. 6/10.

Blu-news Summary
I would be lying if I said that I loved Rent. It's certainly an entertaining musical, but a lot just never appealed to me about it. The cast is fantastic, although a few are a little strange (and it's not just the acting) that made it feel a bit too weird at times. The story is entertaining for the most part though, and I realize the significance this musical has had on people to stay alive on broadway for so long.

The Blu-ray release is very nice, with impressive video and good audio. The extras are also quite impressive, and look very nice in high-def as well. This is a fantastic package for fans, and really the only way people should be picking this up. The Blu-ray release is a 'Must Own For Fans', and to all others it's certainly 'Worth A Look.'

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