Friday, May 15, 2009

3 Days Of The Condor Blu-ray Review

3 Days Of The Condor Blu-ray Review
Written by Loys Johnson
Disc Size: 38.3 GB
Film Size: 37.1 GB
Film Rating: R
Region: Free

3 Days Of The Condor comes to Blu-ray with a 1080p AVC/MPEG-4 video presentation. The video presentation is fairly clean, and am happy to see that the transfer has not been tampered with. The print is fairly clean, and exhibits a healthy layer of film grain. Details and textures varied from good to impressive, some of the clothing featured stands out very nicely. Paramount has provided a top notch transfer that really couldn't look much better. 8/10.

A 5.1 Dolby TrueHD audio track is included, and it does the job. Dialogue was clear and pleasing, but the film's music was extremely cheesy and generic. Surround use was fairly minimal, with an effect here and there during the film. This track is probably as good as the film will ever sound, and I was certainly happy with it. 7/10.


Theatrical Trailer (3:04) (HD)

Blu-news Summary
3 Days Of The Condor is a very solid thriller. I was watching the film very late at night, thinking I would have to finish it the next day. I ended up being so intrigued by the film, I finished it that same night. The film is actually very fun, and other than the music, holds up very nicely.

The Blu-ray release features a nice video presentation, fitting audio track, and the theatrical trailer. 3 Days Of The Condor is 'Recommended.'

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