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Revolutionary Road Blu-ray Review

Revolutionary Road Blu-ray Review
Written by Loys JohnsonDisc Size: 41.1 GB
Film Size: 28.6 GB
Film Rating: R
Region: Free

"Look at us. We're just like everyone else. We've bought into the same, ridiculous delusion." - April Wheeler
Revolutionary Road comes to Blu-ray with a 1080p AVC/MPEG-4 video presentation. The transfer is very impressive, featuring a sharp and vivid look throughout. Colors were very rich, and detail was very nice as well. The film also has a nice amount of 3-D pop present, and makes for a terrific high-definition release. There is no way one could be disappointed with the Blu-ray transfer. 9/10.

Paramount has included a 5.1 Dolby TrueHD audio track, which is quite front-heavy but expected. Dialogue was clear as can be, and the film's music mixed nicely into the front and left surround speakers. The film spreads more into the surround area when they go out dancing, but otherwise is used only for minor effects. This track sounds about as good as I expected, and does not disappoint. 8/10.


Commentary with Director Sam Mendes and Screenwriter Justin Haythe

Lives of Quiet Desperation: The Making of Revolutionary Road (29:03) (HD)
The cast and crew discuss the story of Revolutionary Road, as well as making the film and the difficulties that came with it. The featurette covers many aspects in making the film, and features a good amount of behind-the-scenes footage.

Richard Yates: The Wages of Truth (26:04) (HD)
Blake Bailey and others discuss Richard Yates, the author of Revolutionary Road. The featurette is quite interesting, and also features thoughts from family and friends. This is not your typical 'he was so great' featurette, it's very real and quite depressing.

Deleted Scenes (25:14) (HD)
Includes optional commentary with Director Sam Mendes and Screenwriter Justin Haythe. 15 deleted scenes are included.

Theatrical Trailer (2:14) (HD)

Blu-news Summary
Revolutionary Road is probably the most depressing film I have seen lately, but it's also one of the best I have seen lately. The film is amazing in all aspects, whether it be the story, the acting, the costumes, the setting, everyone involved did a top notch job. The film is quite powerful, and the acting is some of the best as of late. The only negative thing I have to say is that the film may lack replay value for some, which is why I can't give it my highest recommendation.

The Blu-ray release is gorgeous, featuring a very impressive video presentation, a good audio track, and informative bonus features. While many may think watching the film once is good enough, I would still say it's 'Recommended,' but 'At Least Give It A Rent.'

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