Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Drag Me To Hell Blu-ray Review

Disc Size: 45.6 GB
Film Size: 19.6 GB/20.6 GB
Film Rating: PG-13/Unrated
Region: A

Drag Me To Hell comes to Blu-ray with two 1080p VC-1 video presentations that are sure to impress. From the beginning of the film you will realize just how great this presentation looks, featuring a sharp and extremely detailed look. The textures of clothing, the detail in the environments, and the bad effects all come to life in high-definition.

Colors were rich and vibrant, and very fitting to the film. Black levels also held up nicely, and I never found them to be weak during the film. The presentation always leaps off the screen, never looking flat or muted. There is also no sign of edge enhancement or DNR present.

The film's effects were generally solid, but there were a few times where perhaps the Blu-ray release did bring out a little too much detail in them, making them look extremely fake. There was a hand going into a mouth example that was definitely brought out by the high-def quality.

I'm very impressed with the look though, making this one close to perfect video presentation. Universal provided very good encodes for both versions of the film. 9/10.

The 5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio track is nothing short of perfection. This certainly ranks among my favorite horror film tracks, which include The Orphanage and The Strangers. Surround use is fantastic, and amazingly fitting to the film. To those who have seen the film, you know this is the type of film that could make fantastic use of the surround speakers as things are always coming out of the most unexpected places, and the DTS-HD Master Audio track succeeds at creating a perfect experience.

Dialogue was crisp and clear, usually staying within the front of the room. The film's music and effects come through the surround speakers, with the effects being creepy and terrifically used. It's audio tracks like these that totally immerse you into the film, and rather than just watching a movie, you really get to experience it.

Bass use can also get quite active, waking up to make you feel like the ground is shaking and opening, getting ready to drag you to hell. I can't get over how great the audio track is for this release, there is no way one could expect any more. 10/10.


MyScenes (BD-Live enabled)
Save your favorite scenes, and share them with your friends over BD-Live.

Production Video Diaries (35:08) (HD)
Available in a play all feature, or a specific section. Featuring an introduction by Justin Long, this is a very good look behind-the-scenes of the film, it does a good job at including many aspects. From specific characters and objects, to stunts and environments. it's a must watch bonus feature for anyone who loved the film.

BD-Live Menu
If you have a BD-Live enabled player, the main menu will automatically update to reflect new title announcements and features. Current ones include Battlestar Galactica: The Plan, as well as Funny People (which touts exclusive Blu-ray iPhone features).

D-Box Motion Code

Unrated Digital Copy (Compatible with iTunes and Windows Media)

Blu-news Summary
Drag Me To Hell was certainly predictable, but wow was it an experience. Being a PG-13 film, with an unrated cut added (although not too much more, it features the same ending as well) I didn't know what to expect. Previous PG-13 horror affairs have been generally weak to say the least, but Drag Me To Hell is terrifying and horror at it's best.

The characters in the film are actually very likeable, and you really get immersed into the film. It doesn't rely on cheap kills, etc. The film also has a lot of mystery, and some very scary scenes, this is one I would not recommend missing.

The Blu-ray release is strong, featuring demo level video and audio. Extras are weak, but what is featured is DEFINITELY enjoyable. I want to say this release is a must own, but like many horror films, I can see how people may dislike. Ultimately this Blu-ray release is 'Highly Recommended.'

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