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Ghosts Of Girlfriends Past Blu-ray Review

Disc Size: 19.4 GB
Film Size: 16.7 GB
Film Rating: PG-13
Region: Free

Ghosts Of Girlfriends Past comes to Blu-ray from New Line Home Entertainment, sporting a 1080p VC-1 video presentation. There is one issue I want to bring up with this transfer, which has also been present on other new releases from the past few months.

There are at least two other releases that I remember off the top of my head with the exact same look video wise as this one, they include 17 Again and He's Just Not That Into You. They all sport a goldish tone overall, and while they do sport a great amount of depth at times, they all look like they had some filter put over them. It could be how they were filmed, but I just found it a strange coincidence that no other studios have had their Blu-ray releases sport this look. I also felt colors were rich, but everything looks overly dark when compared to the average new release.

Another issue that came with the goldish tone of the film is a strange glow present in general that does look to take away potential detail at times. Everything just looks overly processed, despite it being sharp and clearly high-definition material. I can't knock the whole presentation, as there is definitely a lot to enjoy about the transfer as well, for all I know the look could just be how it was filmed.

Detail was generally solid, and I found the transfer to have amazing moments of depth to it. I just didn't love the way it looked in high-def, something felt very off. I could have thought it was the Director's intention for the look, but it's three times that I see the same exact look and noted it each time I did. Perhaps another factor is their surprisingly small encode sizes for these films. This release may please fans of the film, but I don't think it ranks anywhere near the best looking new releases. 6.5/10.

A 5.1 Dolby TrueHD audio track is included, and is better than I had imagined. Dialogue was clear and always easy to understand, while the film's music and effects were surprisingly aggressive. Being a romantic comedy, I didn't expect too much, but this track really does have good direction and use. Surround use isn't amazing, but it's certainly used when necessary, and quite nicely at that.

The whole ghost situation also allowed for good bass use as well, keeping this release from having a potentially dull audio mix. Fans and newcomers will certainly be more than happy with the audio included. 8/10.


Recreating The Past, Imagining The Future (8:39) (HD)
All about the bringing A Christmas Carol into a romantic comedy.

It's All About Connor (4:05) (HD)
A feature all about Matthew McConaughey, which basically features his co-stars gushing over him and what a great guy he is. Next.

The Legends, The Lessons And The Ladies (8:00) (HD)
About characters Connor Mead and uncle Wayne, and their ladies man personalities. It also talks about casting and how they each fit the part.

Additional Scenes (9:32) (SD)
There is an alternate opening, two deleted scenes, as well as an extended scene included.

Digital Copy (Compatible with iTunes and Windows Media)

Blu-news Summary
Ghosts Of Girlfriends Past has one of the worst trailers I have ever seen, it actually annoyed me when it would play or air on both internet ads and television. Normally it should be the other way around, with the trailer looking good or decent and using the film's only good parts. After viewing the film though, I can say it was nowhere near as bad as I remember the commercials made it look.

McConaughey has been in quite disastrous films lately, and he has slightly redeemed himself in this film. The trailers make the film look like a very generic romantic comedy, which it certainly can be at times. But in actuality the ghosts of girlfriends past idea worked very well, providing a unique aspect for this romantic comedy. The film was definitely not as cheesy as I had imagined it to be, and it was ultimately a nice and fun film that's easy to watch.

The Blu-ray release is disappointing to me in a way, as the look itself turned me off quite a bit. That being said it does have a lot to like, and it's certainly not terrible either. Audio was good, and extras were decent. Interested in the film? This is 'A Solid Rental.'

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