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Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Blu-ray Review

Disc 1 Size: 33.0 GB
Disc 2 Size: 40.1 GB
Film Size: 18.3 GB
Film Rating: G
Region: A

Snow White comes to Blu-ray with a beautiful 1080p AVC/MPEG-4 video presentation. No surprise, the film looks fantastic. The leap in clarity and definition is clear from the very beginning. The character outlines are fantastic, never jaggy and never featured uneven black levels. Colors were rich and vibrant, truly leaping off the screen.

This is just another 'old film' that will prove that older titles benefit just as much as new release titles on Blu-ray. Disney has provided a very clean and fantastic presentation that will not be soon forgotten. This is truly what Blu-ray is all about, and I am very very happy to have this film in my high-def collection. 9/10.

Disney has included a 7.1 DTS-HD Master Audio track for this release that is sure to please. This is not the most dynamic audio experience (nor should it be expected to be), but it's certainly the most clear the audio has ever sounded. Considering the age of the film alone, we are very fortunate to be provided with the quality present.

The surround use is fairly reserved, in order to keep it true to the film, as well as from being distracting. There were about three or four moments where the surround sound use would be clearly present, and they actually used the surround sound in very fitting ways. Dialogue was crystal clear, although at times Snow White's high-pitched vocals did show their limitations and age.

Fans of the film will be very pleased with this new and restored audio mix, and while it's not absolute perfection, it's certainly about as good as the film will ever sound. 8/10.


Disc 1:

Do you hate black bars? Well DisneyView is certainly for you, featuring art from the fantastic Toby Bluth (who I had the opportunity to talk to earlier this year), this option puts beautiful paintings in place of the black bars and they transition and adjust depending on the scene in the film. Even if you love original aspect ratios, this is certainly something anyone can appreciate. The work he put into each painting is absolutely terrific.

The Princess and the Frog Sneak Peek (7:45) (HD)
A sneak peek of the upcoming theatrical release of 'The Princess and the Frog'.

Snow White Returns (8:43) (HD)
Details on the short-story sequel that never happened, but the storyboards and early production information and story is provided.

Deleted Scenes (HD)
Two deleted scenes are included, a soup eating sequence and a bed building sequence.

Music Video: Tiffany Thornton - "Some Day My Prince Will Come" (3:35) (HD)
Tiffany Thornton from the Disney Channel program 'Sonny With A Chance' performs an extremely cheesy version of 'Some Day My Prince Will Come', at least she captured the princess spirit. There's just not too much going on in this music video.

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall Game (BD-Live enabled)
Find out your inner Disney princess, includes BD-Live options that are not yet enabled.

What Do You See? Game

Jewel Jumble Game

Scene Stealer Activity (BD-Live)
Put yourself into a Snow White music video, it's just too bad I couldn't get the feature to work just yet.

Audio Commentary
Roy Disney introduces the audio commentary, which features commentary from Walt Disney. John Canemaker explains more about the film throughout.

Disc 2:

Hyperion Studios (HD)
This bonus feature is massive and presented in a neat interactive way. Go through the studio building to different rooms, to uncover lots of high-def features from featurettes and art galleries to Silly Symphony shorts.

The One That Started It All (17:14) (HD)
All about the film Snow White, the early response to the idea, and how it shaped the Disney company.

Animation Voice Talent (6:21) (SD)
All about the voice talent, including Snow White, the Queen, the prince and the dwarfs. This is a very neat bonus feature.

Disney Through The Decades (35:55) (SD)
The history of Disney from the beginning to the original DVD release of Snow White.

Dopey's Wild Mine Ride Game

"Heigh-Ho" Karaoke Sing-Along (2:43) (HD)

Disc 3:

DVD Copy of the film

Blu-news Summary
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is my favorite Disney classic and I am so very happy it is now available in high-definition, there's just a unique charm that isn't as present with other Disney films.

The story is beautifully told, and features some of the most memorable Disney characters to this day. I love Snow White's outlook on life, and the Seven Dwarfs are filled with great personalities and attitudes, it brings a lot to love to the film. For a film this old, they did a great job at really bringing these characters to life, as they could have been much more bland and generic in comparison to non-Disney releases that followed.

The Blu-ray release is absolutely terrific, featuring impressive video and great audio. Extras on this release are amazing, almost exhausting. This is a Blu-ray release that belongs in every high-def collection. Simply 'A Must Own.'

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