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Wrong Turn 3: Left For Dead Blu-ray Review

Disc Size: 20.2 GB
Film Size: 18.4 GB
Film Rating: Unrated
Region: A

Wrong Turn 3 comes to Blu-ray with a 1080p AVC/MPEG-4 video presentation. The release starts off looking quite nice, sporting the quality of a major television program in high-def. It's not perfect but it's definitely nice, colorful and features a solid amount of detail. The look changes overall once the bus starts taking off in the film and night comes, mediocre is an easy way to put.

To be honest at times the quality dropped so much I felt like I was watching a mediocre looking DVD upconverted. Luckily the same feeling does not stay for the majority of the film, but it certainly had it's moments. Black levels were decent but never impressive.

A very healthy layer of film grain is present throughout the presentation, exhibiting no signs of edge enhancement or DNR. If you have ever seen a show on FOX in high-def, this is about the quality to expect, it can look very good, but it also suffers from time to time. The film just looks like it was filmed for TV, but at least it's decent. 6.5/10.

A 5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio track is included, and while it can't compare with my favorite horror mixes, this one definitely surprised me. The mix features a great amount of surround use and effects, attempting to create an environment for the film. Being direct-to-video I honestly didn't expect that much attention to be paid to the minor details, but there clearly was.

Dialogue was always clear, while the film's decent music made aggressive use of the surround speakers. The death scenes had overall good direction, although there were a few times where it sounded sketchy quality-wise, I actually expected worse. 8/10.


Wrong Turn 3 In 3 Fingers...I Mean, Parts (18:09) (SD)
There are actually three parts to this feature, available in play-all and individual features. They include 'Action, Gore and Chaos!', 'Brothers in Blood' and 'Three Finger's Fight Night.' Each section covers different aspects in producing the film, and features a good amount of behind-the-scenes video and cast/crew interviews.

Deleted Scenes (1:25) (SD)
Two deleted scenes, the latter which shows how a certain person is captured, since that person is only seen in her final moments alive in the actual film.

Overall we get some decent extras, I can't say I expected too much as far as supplements go. There is some good stuff included though. 4/10.

Blu-news Summary
The Wrong Turn franchise has added a third film to the wilderness murderfest series with Wrong Turn 3: Left For Dead. The first and second Wrong Turn are actually quite enjoyable, if not taken seriously (the second in particular). So after recently viewing the previous two films on Blu-ray, I was quite excited to see the third film, but did keep my expectations low.

This third outing is definitely the worst in the series, but I can't say I found it too horrible. My biggest complaint with the film was the extremely stupid 'twist' ending, which would have been better left out and as an alternate ending. The movie could actually be turned off a minute before the actual ending, and it would be much more satisfying as a whole. The ending was so out there, it was completely unbelievable (in a bad way), and that's by Wrong Turn standards where the most random things can happen.

I did like the new approach in the film, it gives it a slightly different vibe than the previous two films. This time it does not rely on stupid teenagers and young adults for this one, but mostly stupid prisoners filled with greed and anger. The deaths in the film were brutal, although the first few were very cheesy due to weak effects.

I thought Wrong Turn 3 was fun overall, but definitely more rental fun. If you hated the first two films, you will definitely want to skip this outing. But if you enjoyed the first two, this could make for a solid rental, just don't set your expectations too high. 5/10.

The Blu-ray release is decent, exhibiting a mostly high-def look throughout, but it did get pretty weak at times. Audio was quite nice, but it lacked the quality that comes with the best horror mixes on Blu-ray. Extras are weak, but really how much more could one expect. Overall this release is worth skipping if you hated the first two, and I would say 'Rent It First' to those who did enjoy the first two.

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