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Funny People Blu-ray Review

Disc 1 Size: 45.5 GB
Disc 2 Size: 38.0 GB
Film Rating: R/Unrated
Region: Free

Funny People comes to Blu-ray with both the theatrical and unrated versions of the film via seamless branching. The film is presented with a 1080p AVC/MPEG-4 video presentation. The film has a very distinct look about it, colors aren't that vibrant and detail isn't always that great.

At times it definitely looked a bit weaker and almost oversharpened, similar to The 40 Year Old Virgin on Blu-ray but still significantly better. There is a healthy layer of film grain present throughout the presentation, although intensity varies.

I guess the overall high-def presentation is a bit inconsistent, the quality overall definitely varies by scene with some that are easily impressive and some that are definitely ugly. For a new release film I definitely expected much better.

There are some very nice looking scenes, but regarding the uglier scenes I have a hard time believing the film looks like this naturally, as you will definitely feel like your viewing a wax figure at times. It definitely exhibits a DNR and edge enhanced look, but why it would be used is the real question. Facial details can be almost completely lacking at times, making this one an overall disappointing high-def presentation. 6.5/10.

Included is a 5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio track, which is about as good as I expected. Surround use is extremely minimal in this very front-heavy film. Dialogue being key here, it's always clear and easy to understand. The film's music comes out very clear and impressive as well, although it is mostly reserved for front left and right speakers.

It's hard to expect too much audio use from the film, aside from the comedy performance moments. They could have added a bit more effects to create better outdoor environments, but it's not bad at all. Overall it's a good mix, just don't expect to be amazed by this front-heavy comedy. 7.5/10.


Disc 1:

BD-Live Trailers
If you have an internet connected BD-Live enabled player, the trailers prior to the film will update constantly with new advertisements, at the moment there is a trailer for the Olympics on NBC.

Audio Commentary
with Director Judd Apatow, Adam Sandler & Seth Rogen.

Funny People Diaries (HD)
The Premise (12:20) (HD)
The Set Up (18:58) (HD)
The Punchline (30:02) (HD)
The Button (13:45) (HD)

Line-O-Rama - Part 1 (4:53) (HD)
Line-O-Rama - Part 2 (5:46) (HD)
Gag Reel - Part 1 (5:53) (HD)
Gag Reel - Part 2 (5:21) (HD)

My Scenes (BD-Live Enabled)
Save your favorite scenes and share them with friends over BD-Live.

U-Control: Universal Music
As the film plays you can view the songs used in the film, including written credits, performance credits, and licensing credits.

Disc 2:

Deleted Scenes (48:24) (HD)
There are 24 deleted scenes included, each presented in high-definition.

Extended & Alternate Scenes (1:06:09) (HD)
There are 20 extended/alternate scenes included, each scene also presented in high-definition.

Documentaries (HD)
Raaaaaaaandy! (21:23) (HD)
Judd's High School Radio Show (3:57) (HD)
James Taylor Behind the Scenes (6:55) (HD)

Music (HD)
James Taylor Live (27:21) (HD)
Adam & Jon Brion (14:16) (HD)
George Soon Will Be Gone (4:41) HD)
RZA Podcast (3:50) (HD)

Stand Up (SD/HD)
Funny People Live (Special) (42:16) (SD)
George Stand Up - MySpace (8:04) (HD)
Randy Stand Up - The Improvisation (Los Angeles) (5:48) (HD)
Ira Stand Up - The Improvisation (Los Angeles) (7:02) (HD)

From the Archives (SD)
Adam & Judd on The Midnight Hour with Bill Maher - 08/28/90 (1:01)
Adam's 1st Letterman Appearance - 04/04/91 (5:58) (SD)
Adam's 2nd Letterman Appearance - 09/10/91 (6:02) (SD)
Adam at Comedy & Magic Club - 1988 (4:45) (SD)
Seth Stand Up at Age 13 - 1995 (4:41) (SD)
Judd on The Dennis Miller Show - 1992 (4:32) (SD)

The Films of George Simmons (HD)
Re-Do (1:31) (HD)
Sayonara Davey (2:42) (HD)
Merman (1:32) (HD)
The Champion (:21) (HD)
Dog's Best Friend (:40 (HD)

Prank Calls - 1990 (SD)
Annoyed Guy (2:52) (SD)
Mint (1:59) (SD)
Pickles (3:36) (SD)
Easafawn (4:15) (SD)
Bad Sandwich (5:41) (SD)

Adam & Judd on Charlie Rose - 07/31/09 (56:54) (SD)

"Yo Teach...!" (HD)
Behind-the-scenes (8:04) (HD)
Five Episodes (13:13) (HD)

Kids on the Loose: The Sequel (5:06) (HD)
Bloopers with the two kid stars of the film.

ADR Line-O-Rama (2:50) (HD)

George in Love (2:04) (HD)
Adam Sandler sex scenes and conversations.

Funny People Theatrical Trailer (3:08) (HD)

Extras are extremely impressive, like any Apatow Blu-ray release has been. There are many deleted scenes and many extended/alternate scenes. I also loved the footage of Seth Rogen at 13 years old, he definitely still sports a very similar comedy style used when he was a kid. There's just so much to see on this release, definitely a top rate package. 10/10.

Blu-news Summary
Funny People is a very average comedy, but one that is still very enjoyable. I feel the most disappointing aspect of the film is watching it go from fantastic to mediocre as the film goes on. I found the first half of the film miles better than the second half.

At times the film feels a bit too much for it's own good, even by Apatow standards. It also runs about half an hour too long, by the end you may find yourself checking your watch or phone for what time it is, it just drags at the end.

Sandler is overall very funny, but I definitely found Rogen to be much better simply because it's not overplayed. Leslie Mann is always great, I definitely find her funny and love whenever Apatow finds the chance to use her in his films. The kids who play her daughters from Knocked Up also make very cute appearances in the film.

While Funny People isn't always that funny, it's still a film I would easily recommend viewing at least once. Tastes definitely vary, and even Apatow fans may find this hit or miss. It's not that bad at all, just a bit weaker than his other films. 7/10.

The Blu-ray release is disappointing in certain aspects. Video presentation is quite ugly, not what I was expecting at all. Audio was subdued but for a comedy it's certainly as good as it gets overall. Extras are extremely impressive and very funny, this is the category that boosts this Blu-ray quite a bit in overall ranking, making this one 'Highly Recommended' if you are fan of the film. If you have not seen the film, 'Give It A Rent First.'

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