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(500) Days of Summer Blu-ray Review

Disc Size: 42.4 GB
Film Size: 28.4 GB
Film Rating: PG-13
Region: A
(500) Days of Summer comes to Blu-ray with a 1080p AVC/MPEG-4 video presentation. The film's color palette is intentionally limited and features very little red, yellows and blues. Blue is reserved for only scenes with Summer or reference to Summer. Due to the limited and bland color palette, we are not going to get a very vibrant film experience, but it is part of the film.

Detail is generally strong and textures are usually quite distinct. Certain scenes do look quite dull and lifeless and from time to time a bit flat. There are also many scenes that are quite the opposite, filled with life and depth. Film grain is present from beginning to end, although on the lighter side.

The transfer is free of any technical issues and aside from the color palette, it looks very natural and untampered with. The film's look may not appeal to everyone but there's no denying that Fox Home Entertainment has provided a top notch transfer for this high-def release. Presentation-wise I do not think the transfer could have been much better if at all. 8/10.

A 5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio track is included and is slightly underwhelming. The film is not going to be a surround sound experience to say the least, but it was never meant to be one. Dialogue is key in the film and is presented quite well, overall it was clear and easy to understand. There were moments where I thought dialogue levels were a tad bit low compared to your average audio track, but nothing too disappointing.

The film's effects and music are very front heavy and always light, there are not many opportunities to get aggressive or expand too much without sounding randomly placed. The track is good but do not expect to be impressed at all by the mix, it's quiet and fitting but it's not going to dazzle anyone. 7/10.


Audio Commentary
by Director Marc Webb, Writer Michael Weber, Writer Scott Neustadter and Actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

Lost Days of Summer: Deleted and Extended Scenes (14:43) (HD)
with optional commentary by Director Marc Webb, Writer Michael Weber, Writer Scott Neustadter and Actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

Not a Love Story: Making (500) Days of Summer (29:22) (HD)
The production crew talks about the film not following the typical romantic comedy recipe, more modern and and less conventional.

Summer at Sundance (13:47) (HD)
Footage from the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah where the film premiered. It's a festival that happens annually and an event that I got to attend early this year.

Audition Tapes (SD)
Audition tapes for Geoffrey Arend (McKenzie) and Matthew Gray Gubler (Paul) are included, and feature optional commentary by Director Marc Webb.

Summer Storyboards (SD)
Summer Effect

"Bank Dance" (4:18) (SD)
Music video Directed by Marc Webb

Mean's Cinemash (3:28) (HD)
"Sid and Nancy/(500) Days of Summer"

"Sweet Disposition" Music Video (4:02) (SD)
by The Temper Trap

Conversations with Zooey and Joseph (12:27) (SD)
Acting vs Reality
Creative Process
Favorite Parts of L.A.
Los Angeles

Filmmaking Specials (SD)
Director Marc Webb on Casting Joe and Zooey
Director Marc Webb on the Summer Effect
Director Marc Webb on French Film References
Director Marc Webb on the Color Palette
Fox Movie Channel: In Character with Zooey Deschanel
Fox Movie Channel: In Character with Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Trailers (HD)

Digital Copy
Compatible with iTunes and Windows Media.

There are many extras included on the Blu-ray release, many exclusive to the Blu-ray as well. There is a lot of behind-the-scenes footage and interviews regarding all steps of production. There's so much to see it's hard to be disappointed, the inclusion of a Digital Copy is great as well. 8/10.

Blu-news Summary
(500) Days of Summer is not a love story.....according to the narrator. What he really means is this is not your typical love story, it's not the typical romantic comedy that has been done over and over again. Boy meets girl, boy and girl don't like each other, boy and girl connect, boy and girl fight, boy and girl realize they can't live without each other.

It is true that (500) Days of Summer is not the typical romantic comedy, it's a refreshing story and there are many things that differentiate it. The film is told from the boy's point-of-view, something that is done quite rarely and never as well.

The way the film is presented is also very different, but something viewers will enjoy and admire. The film goes through many emotions, we experience happy, sad and much more. The movie is also very very funny and features some fantastic moments of humor.

(500) Days of Summer is not a chick flick, it's a movie I think anyone who's ever been in love can appreciate and connect with, in one way or more. (500) Days of Summer is one of my favorite films this year and hopefully you take the time to experience (500) Days of Summer sometime soon as well. 9.5/10.

The Blu-ray release is good, although far from amazing. The video presentation is accurate to the film and the audio track is pleasing. There are many extras included exclusively on the Blu-ray release, making the Blu-ray a 'Must Own' for fans and 'Highly Recommended' to new viewers.

Additional Screenshots:

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Family Guy: Something, Something, Something Dark Side Blu-ray Review

Disc Size: 33.9 GB
Film Size: 12.9 GB / 10.4 GB
Film Rating: PG-13
Region: A

Family Guy makes it's Blu-ray debut with Something, Something, Something Dark Side. Included on the Blu-ray disc are two 1080p AVC/MPEG-4 video presentations. One encode for the film and the other for the film with pop-up trivia.

Being the first time we saw Family Guy on Blu-ray I wasn't too sure whether to expect a true high-def master or an upconvert like the previous Cavalcade of Cartoon Comedy release. I am very relieved to say the Blu-ray is definitely from a high-def source, looking fantastic and much better than I anticipated.

The animation levels are very strong, despite the simple look use for Family Guy, outlines and other effects looked quite impressive. We definitely could have experienced more jaggies in outlines due to lazy animation or other technical issues, but everything is kept to a minimum.

The film is presented in it's original 1:33:1 aspect ratio, which some viewers may hate as yes there are black bars on the sides of the screen. A film can look fantastic no matter the aspect ratio, just because it doesn't fill up your entire HDTV does not mean it cannot be among the best. Family Guy's Blu-ray debut is very strong and features a video presentation with extremely minimal issues. 9.5/10.

A 5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio track is included and sounds much better than I anticipated. The film's surround use is not necessarily amazing, but it can be quite impressive at times. I really was expecting an entirely front heavy experience, but whoever mixed the audio did a fantastic job at incorporating some great surround use into the mix.

The film is front heavy for the most part though, with dialogue at the center of it all. Dialogue levels were very clear, never a word that was overpowered or difficult to understand. The film's music, much of it from Star Wars is clear and aggressive, although it never expanded to the surround area as much as I hoped.

The film's effects are great when it comes to surround use, the battles in space travel throughout the surround field and feature very strong direction. The film's effects just have a very aggressive and fitting impact on the mix and bass use is not half bad either.

for a direct-to-Blu-ray mix, it's very easy to expect much less from it, particularly being from a very simple animated sitcom. There is no way though that one could be disappointed by the mix as it's actually very strong and impressive. 8.5/10.


Audio Commentary
by executive producers Seth MacFarlane, Mark Hentemann and David A. Goodman, Writer Kirker Butler, Director Dominic Polcino and Actor Seth Green.

Family Guy Fact-Ups
Watch the film with some very random facts popping up within seconds of each other.

The Dark Side of Poster Art (9:17) (HD)
Hear the idea for the poster/cover art and why they decided to paint it.

Animatic Scene-to-Scene (6:37) (HD)
With commentary by Director Dominic Polcino.

"Family Guy - Something Something Something Dark Side" Table Read (49:28) (HD)
Featuring Acts 1 & 2.

Sneak Peek of "Family Guy - Episode VI: We Have a Bad Feeling About This" (2:27) (HD)
Footage from a table read is included.

Digital Copy
Compatible with iTunes and Windows Media.

There are a decent amount of extras included, the included trivia track version of the film is much deeper and entertaining then it sounds, they clearly put a lot of work into it and you may find yourself viewing the entire film this way as well. The table reads are fun for those who enjoy them, but 49 minutes of people sitting at a table is not a preference of mine, no matter how funny they can be. 7.5/10.

Blu-news Summary
Family Guy: Something, Something, Something Dark Side comes direct-to-Blu-ray and is something I have been looking forward to for quite some time. I would not call myself a huge Family Guy fan whatsoever, but I have enjoyed episodes from time to time. Something, Something, Something Dark Side is the second in a series of Star Wars inspired/parody films and clearly these titles have generated enough consumer interest for even this second film release.

While the movie is basically the runtime of two episodes, it's actually quite epic and delivers a lot in only a 54 minute runtime. I am not a Star Wars fan to be honest, now that I have seen all the films I can appreciate and even enjoy a lot about it, but I personally feel they are slightly overrated. With this parody film I was able to associate much of the humor as the majority of the jokes were things many would capture due to the impact on pop culture that Star Wars has had.

The film features all your favorite characters, including Chris as Skywalker, Peter as Solo, and Lois as Princess Leia. The biggest highlight of all is Stewie as Vader, the bad guy of the movie. The movie is filled with many dirty jokes, but this is Family Guy, it's to be expected. The dumb humor works though, making something as small as a hug quite funny and slightly awkward.

If you dislike Family Guy, you will not like this movie, it's quite routine to the series although a bit stronger than the average episode. I also would not recommend you purchase the film if you are unfamiliar with Famil Guy as the humor is not for everyone, I would give it a rent first. Overall this is a solid film and one that any Family Guy fan will love. 8/10.

The Blu-ray release is very strong, featuring impressive video and audio, as well as a nice selection of extras. The Blu-ray disc is definitely the way to go for those deciding which version to purchase. 'Recommended.'

Additional Screenshots:

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Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs Blu-ray Review

Disc Size: 36.8 GB
Film Size: 21.9 GB
Film Rating: PG
Region: ABC (Free)

Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs comes to Blu-ray with a 1080p AVC/MPEG-4 video presentation. It was no surprise that the video presentation is stunning, looking beautiful as could be in high-definition.

The encode is fantastic, presenting the film without a technical flaw. The animation itself is great, it's certainly simple but not due to laziness. Animation may be simple, but animators clearly paid attention to the big picture, as everything on screen is filled with detail and has life to it.

The film features every color of the rainbow, each one looking just as rich and vibrant as the other, blacks are inky as can be and everything just leaps off the screen. Detail is also very nice, whether it be hair and clothing or food and buildings, it all just shines.

The film is a visual treat on Blu-ray, there is no way one could be disappointed by the Blu-ray release as it's clearly superior from beginning to end and ranks among the best animated releases on Blu-ray. Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs makes for fantastic demo material. 10/10.

A 5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio track is included, and while it can be impressive it's not among the best animated high-def audio mixes. Everything about the track is clear and aggressive, but I felt surround use moments could have had a bigger impact.

Dialogue was front and center, like any animated release, it's clear and crisp and always easy to understand. The film's effects are mostly front heavy but do feature good direction, I just wish a bit more attention was paid to the surround speakers.

One specific moment was when Flint's rocket invention goes flyinng through the sky, going left and right and upside down, but it didn't feel like it was flying arround the town as it was much more front heavy than I expected.

The film's music did expand into the surround area nicely, and when effects were placed in the surround area it was very nice. The mix is very good, but I was hoping for a demo level audio track. 8.5/10.


Disc 1:

Splat Mode!
Watch in Splat Mode to operate Flint Lockwood's food throwing machine. Select between a variety of food and splat all over the screen.

Flint's Food Fight Game
Help Flint stop the food storm cooked up by the F.L.D.S.M.D.F.R.! Use the arrow keys on your remote control to direct and press enter to fire your fork cannon.

Audio Commentary
With Writers/Directors Christopher Miller and Phil Lord, and Actor Bill Hader

A Recipe For Success: The Making of Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs (10:51) (HD)
The cast and crew talk about the film and how they made the book into a film.

Key Ingredients: The Voices of Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs (12:39) (HD)
All about the voice talent involved in the film. The cast is fantastic in this film, see them talk about working on Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs.

Extended Scenes (2:36) (HD)
Two extended scenes are included and presented in high-definition.

Early Development Scenes (5:47) (HD)
Two early development scenes are included and presented in high-definition.

Progression Reels (8:10) (HD)
Five progression reels are included with introductions by Visual FX Supervisor Rob Bredow and presented in high-definition.

Miranda Cosgrove's "Raining Sunshine" (SD)
"Raining Sunshine" Sing-A-Long
"Raining Sunshine" Music Video
Behind the Scenes of the Music Video

Make It Rain Food (:32) (HD)
A 'Fight Hunger' ad.

Previews (HD)
Open Season 3
Hachi: A Dog's Tale
Planet 51
Open Season
Open Season 2
Surf's Up
Monster House
The Water Horse: Legend of the Deep
Daddy Day Camp

Digital Copy for PSP
Insert the Blu-ray disc into your Playstation 3 system to redeem a Digital Copy for PSP.

Disc 2:

DVD Copy of the film

The extras on this release are very fun and there is a lot included for a family film, some extras made specifically for kids and some about production. The included featurettes are informative and fun and kids should enjoy the games. The included DVD copy of the film is great, something I think all studios should be doing when it comes to family films on Blu-ray. 8/10.

Blu-news Summary
Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs is a film I had a chance to view theatrically and I was very surprised by the quality of the film to be honest. I went in with no idea what to expect as I had never read the book by Judi Barrett. While it wasn't Pixar quality story-telling, it was close, and the film has so much heart.

The story is about Flint Lockwood (Bill Hader), a man who has been conducting experiments and inventions since he was a child. He lives in a small town called Swallow Falls, a town famous for their sardines and coming attraction Sardineland. Flint had been teased about his experiments and inventions since he was a child, but things have never gone so wrong when his latest invention destroys Sardineland.

The townspeople never really liked him, but that mishap was the final straw. Ashamed he goes to a dock near the ocean, where he runs into recently humiliated weather girl Sam Sparks (Anna Faris). While talking on the dock, pink clouds begin to form in the sky and come closer and closer to the town. One by one, condiments from a cheeseburger begin to hit the ground, soon after entire cheeseburgers. The townspeople go crazy as everyone tries to catch one of their own, later shocked to find out this all happened because of Flint Lockwood.

Flint's life changes from that moment, becoming a local celebrity and making it rain food on a daily basis. When two many requests begin to be filled, Flint's invention begins to form mutated food, things go wrong like he never expected and that's where the action really begins.

I enjoyed every minute of Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs. The film's story is original and features quite a bit of depth and character development. The relationship between Flint and his father, weather girl Sam Sparks recognizing her true self, among many other things. It's a cute story and one that is very funny and enjoyable for any member of your family.

The film is primarily aimed at kids, but I think the story does a good job at appealing to adults as well, those without children may find yourself enjoying this movie as well. The amount of little details in the film are easy to appreciate, overall Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs is a delightful and extremely satisfying film that most will love. 9/10.

The Blu-ray release is great, featuring a stellar video presentation, good audio mix, and a very strong selection of extras. Overall Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs is 'Highly Recommended' to all.

Additional Screenshots:

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Extract Blu-ray Review

Disc Size: 21.0 GB
Film Size: 17.9 GB
Film Rating: R
Region: A
Extract comes to Blu-ray with a 1080p AVC/MPEG-4 video presentation that looks decent in high-definition. I can't say I was very impressed at all, I was actually quite surprised to be honest. The Blu-ray release is the first time I have seen the film and the look didn't lend itself well to high-def.

The film was surprisingly soft and lacking in detail, I quickly associated it with a made for TV special in high-def. Many high-def specials exhibit the same overly soft look with detail, but very little of it. The colors on the release were good and probably the best thing about the high-def release, black levels are usually fine throughout.

Certain brief wideshots of a building did not look very high-def at all, you could definitely confuse those quick moments for upconverted content. The film just feels lifeless aside from colors, it has no depth or pop, it just stays flat as can be and ultimately ends up feeling like a mediocre video presentation. 6/10.

A 5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio track is included and is just as lifeless as the video presentation, it's there but there's nothing special about it. Dialogue was front and center and was clear and easy to understand for the majority of the film. The surround use was extremely minimal, reserved only for the film's music.

Sound effects were surprisingly dull with the majority of them being placed directly in the center, slightly expanding into the front left and right speakers. I did not find the track engaging whatsoever, it was actually quite dull. 6/10.


Mike Judge's Secret Recipe (10:49) (HD)
Mike Judge and crew talks about the inspiration for Extract. The cast also talks about filming, featuring a good amount of behind-the-scenes footage.

Extended Scenes (4:29) (SD)
Five scenes are included and are presented in standard-definition.

Deleted Scene (:40) (SD)
One, yes one, deleted scene is included and is presented in standard-definition.

Sneak Peeks (HD)
On Blu-ray Disc
When In Rome
The Boys Are Back (No upcoming Blu-ray release, trailer says differently though)

Extras on this release are not very satisfying, with the only really enjoyable extra being the included featurette about Mike Judge. The featurette is not very lengthy but it's certainly a fun and informative extra. Aside from that, this is one pretty bare supplements package. 5/10.

Blu-news Summary
Extract is a film that many end up being disappointed by, with the most notable mistake of expecting Office Space. Yes Office Space is an absolute riot, but this wasn't exactly a sequel to that film. Behind-the-disappointment, Extract is actually quite the decent comedy, you just need to go in with average expectations.

Office Space takes place in an office, Extract takes place in a factory that manufactures vanilla extract, hence the title. The film is about factory life, a workplace comedy similar in many ways to Office Space, but also quite different. For one the writing and lines in the film certainly are not memorable at all in Extract, but the movie does feature a very impressive cast.

Notable actors include Jason Bateman, Mila Kunis, Ben Affleck, J.K. Simmons and Kristen Wiig. The majority of the cast have been famous for quite some time, but I have to say, it's definitely nice to see Kristen Wiig get bigger and better parts as her career continues to grow. She's a very funny lady that has had small appearances in many films, but the past two years have definitely been very good for her and appreciate her comedic talent.

Extract tells the story of quite a few characters working at the factory, Jason Batemen as the owner of the factory and the many employees working there. A few situations on the side are thrown in, including a traveling thief, a bar friend, and a lonely wife. The film is extremely simple, and the biggest disappointment would have to be the 'whatever' style ending, satisfying but definitely lacking. 7/10.

The Blu-ray release is very average, featuring mediocre video and audio presentations. Extras feel lacking as well, making Extract on Blu-ray 'For Fans Only.'

Additional Screenshots:

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10 Things I Hate About You Blu-ray Review

Disc Size: 30.8 GB
Film Size: 24.3 GB
Film Rating: PG-13
Region: A
10 Things I Hate About You makes it's Blu-ray debut with a 1080p AVC/MPEG-4 video presentation. The film looks about how I expected, quite nice at times, though definitely dated. Grain is always present, which is a good thing for the majority of the film.

The film could have used a bit of a cleanup before coming to Blu-ray to be honest. While it's far from the dirtiest print I've seen on Blu-ray, dirt and specks do pop up quite casually. It's not too distracting as they are fairly small, but dirt and specks are there for the majority of the film.

Many scenes looked fine and impressive at times, but other scenes looked a bit too sharp at times, with the grain exhibiting the same look. The majority of the film looked quite natural, but at times I thought certain moments looked a bit odd. The oversharpened look is ugly when present, and while it was never horrendous it did bug me and thought it should be mentioned.

Wideshots at times lacked detail, but likely due to the way it was filmed over any tampering. Closeup shots and the typical scene shot look very good and detail can be quite impressive. Overall I thought the encode was fine, most of the issues I had can be associated with the print more than the transfer itself.

I don't see a re-release of the Blu-ray anytime soon and that's fine. I think many viewers will be very pleased with the high-def transfer, just don't go in expecting to be wowed at all as the high-def presentation is quite average. 6.5/10.

A 5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio track is included on the Blu-ray release and has it's positives and negatives to be honest. I thought the mix started off great, music was clear and aggressive, and direction in even the music was fantastic and added to the film.

Once dialogue kicked in is where a few problems arose. I think dialogue is generally very clear and easy to understand, but during certain scenes it was definitely overpowered by music and sound effects.

Surprisingly, the mix is not as front heavy as I anticipated. Surround use is usually quite active, at least music wise, it definitely keeps the film feeling a bit more fresh. Effects were more front heavy but it's expected, though I must say they were well placed and feature great direction.

Overall I am quite pleased with the audio track. It's certainly an aggressive mix and is overall very good, dialogue sounded a bit dated from time to time but was fine. Fans of the film will certainly be delighted by the high-def audio mix provided. 7.5/10.


10 Things I Love About About 10 Things I Hate About You 10 Years Later (35:05) (HD)
The Director and Co-writers look back on 10 things that made their movie what it has become. In the mix are never-before-seen cast interviews, behind-the-scenes footage and lost deleted scenes. It's neat to see cast interviews from the time, but it would have been cool had they all came back to talk about it.

Audio Commentary
With Co-writers Karen McCullah Lutz and Kirsten Smith and Actors Andrew Keegan, David Krumholtz, Laris Oleynik & Susan May Pratt.

Extras on this '10th Anniversary Edition' are definitely lacking. The featurette provided has a lot of information put into one new and very informative presentation, but I think they could have made a deleted scene section and casting sessions section apart from the featurette.

It bothers me a bit that the Blu-ray release is not superior when it comes to extras, missing the originally planned Digital Copy, which can be found on the DVD release. This is definitely disappointing to see as this film is a must for anyone with an iPod and uses Digital Copies. 5/10.

Blu-news Summary
10 Things I Hate About You is now celebrating it's 10th anniversary with a new Blu-ray and DVD release of the film. The film is considered a classic by many, and while I don't think it is quite there yet, there's no denying this is one great comedy.

10 Things I Hate About You is based on Shakespeare's Taming of the Shrew, although loosely would be the best way to put it. What is so great about the film is the writing, the two ladies involved have gone on to do many fun films since this. The quality of the writing and humor is clear and it helps them stick out among the average comedy.

The film stars the late Heath Ledger (Likely one of the notable and easy reasons for this release), the lovable Julia Stiles and Joseph Gordon-Levitt. The cast includes many more talented and recognizable actors such as Allison Janney who has managed to retain the same busy career.

The film was definitely edgy for it's time and it holds up extremely well, while the music gives the film a 90's flashback, the humor is still going strong today. To say the movie helped the career of the actors invovled is an understatement, the movie is certainly one of the more popular films from the majority of the actors involved and the film is still so popular today.

10 Things I Hate About You is a fantastic romantic comedy and it's a film that has definitely made a name for itself among romantic comedies. The story is not so complicated, but the entire cast and crew involved make it truly entertaining. 9/10.

Overall the Blu-ray release is average, featuring average video, nice audio and a very satisfying featurette. Due to the average video presentation and lack of a Digital Copy like the DVD makes this release 'For Fans Only.'

Additional Screenshots:

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American Pie Presents: The Book of Love Blu-ray Review

Disc Size: 45.3 GB
Film Size: 21.2 GB / 20.7 GB
Film Rating: Unrated / R
Region: Free

The Book of Love comes to Blu-ray with both the unrated and R-rated cuts of the film. Why they included both cuts is beyond me, since neither version received any form of release prior to the Blu-ray. Also, who would watch an American Pie film and select the 'cleaner' version of the film? Regardless, each 1080p VC-1 video presentation looks very good, especially considering it's a direct-to-video release.

The biggest issues with the video presentation come with the special effects in the film, one effect being a moose that looks to be from the same effects team as Without A Paddle: Nature's Calling. There do not appear to be any technical issues with the transfer itself, just cheaper production.

If you are going to watch American Pie: The Book of Love, the quality improvement from DVD is absolutely clear from beginning to end. There is also quite a bit of pop and depth that comes with the Blu-ray release, everything just looks sharp and clear. While the transfer is not going to be demo material, it is quite good for a direct-to-video release. 7.5/10.

A 5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio track is included and sounds fine. I wasn't expecting too much from a direct-to-video comedy, and what we get is about most would expect. The entire track is front heavy, with dialogue being key throughout the film. Dialogue is presented front and center, which is always easy to understand.

The film's effects and music are front heavy as well, but music does expand more into the surround area in certain scenes. The track is not impressive at all, but at least I can say I was not disappointed at all by the high-def mix. 7/10.


Deleted Scenes (11:22) (SD)
Deleted scenes are presented in standard-definition.

Gag Reel (4:00) (SD)
A pretty stupid gag reel from very stupid actors.

From the Set (19:23) (SD)
Ass Alias
27 Ways to Say "Get Laid"
Girl Train
Alumnia Revisited
Can Crushing Sequence
"Condom Race" Sequence
Pop Toppy
Jacuzzi Frolicking Sequence
Mike Elliott Moments
"Naked Hula Hooping" Sequence

On the Set of American Pie Presents: The Book of Love (8:07) (SD)
Some good behind-the-scenes footage from some great scenes in the film.

Just the Tips: The Love Manual (5:50) (SD)
The cast talks about The Book of Love and their own sex, relationship and love tips.

American Pie Trivia (8:57) (SD)
Kevin Horton goes around the set asking cast and crew about American Pie trivia.

American Pie-cons (6:52) (SD)
About all the cameos featured in the film, quite impressive for a direct-to-video production. Who wouldn't want to hear Peter Brady from the Brady Bunch talk about sticking fingers up specific body parts, right? right?

My Scenes (BD-Live enabled)
Save your favorite scenes and share them with your friends via BD-Live.

Extras are pretty stupid to be honest and are presented in standard definition, most likely because the BD50 is quite packed due to providing both the R-rated and unrated cuts of the film without seamless branching. 7/10.

Blu-news Summary
American Pie Presents: The Book of Love was much better than I expected, and believe me, my expectations were beyond low. I have actually had the disc on-hand for a couple of weeks, but put off viewing the Blu-ray release as long as I could. Before you get too excited, it's not great whatsoever, and surely would have been one of the worst rated theatrical releases of the year had it been released that way.

The film just fits the stereotype of teen sex comedies, but I thought some things did help the film rank decent among the majority of them. The film is a stupid teen comedy, it's clear that is what they were going for, I don't think anybody was playing their part in hope of Oscar buzz....'Best Pictures goes to.....American Pie Presents: The Book of Love."

It's clear everyone wanted to do a funny teen sex comedy about losing their virginity, and that I can appreciate a bit. Many jokes and scenes have been done over and over again, but the film has some very funny moments and lines that I can't imagine any fan of the American Pie series not laughing at.

The casting for the film was actually pretty strong and everyone fit their intended stereotypes just fine. The douche jock played the douche jock just perfectly. The cheerleader whore played a perfect whore, until you find out she's a misunderstood whore with heart towards the end. The film also landed some pretty random but funny cameos which I will not list as it's part of the surprise in the film. The main star of the film is Bug Hall, an actor you may remember played Alfalfa in The Little Rascals from 1994.

American Pie Presents: The Book of Love is not something I would recommend you purchase at all unless you are a huge fan of the American Pie series, meaning you already like your share of dumb films like I do from time to time. The Book of Love would actually make for quite the decent rental if you are into this type of film, because it can be very funny and beyond expectation. It's a dumb movie, but at least it will make you laugh. 6/10.

The Blu-ray release is quite good, featuring a strong video presentation with an expected average audio track. Extras are pretty dumb but at least they included a wide selection for those who enjoy bonus features. Overall the Book of Love is 'A Solid Rental' for those curious about the film.

Additional Screenshots:

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