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G-Force Blu-ray Review

Disc Size: 42.1 GB
Film Rating: PG
Region: A

G-Force comes to Blu-ray with a 1080p AVC/MPEG-4 video presentation. I was expecting a solid video presentation, but what we get here is a demo level presentation. The animation is very strong on this release, and looks much better in motion.

The detail on this release is also very impressive, the animation is a tad softer but environments and textures are sharp and filled with detail. Even small details like a blanket in a scene features a high amount of detail, every bit of texture looks terrific.

Colors on this release are also very rich, everything leaps off the screen without ever looking oversaturated. Black levels are also extremely impressive, it never looks weak and we never witness crushing. Like most new release films the print is clean as can be, really giving it the perfect high-def look.

G-Force is the type of film that looks great no matter what format you view it on, the included DVD is also impressive for DVD standards. The Blu-ray is free of any technical issues, we are given a very healthy encode for the release, and I couldn't be more pleased. While I probably won't use it for my demo material, it easily could be. 9.5/10.

A 5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio track is included, and while not as impressive as it's video counterpart it's still very strong. Kid's films don't always make the best surround use, we usually end up with very front heavy experiences aside from Pixar releases and the occasional exception. G-Force does use the front quite actively, but surround sound is well placed and well used throughout.

The film features a good mix of dialogue and action and presents both nicely. Dialogue is front and center for the most part, but also clear and crisp like we should expect. The mix has a great sense of direction, when something goes flying on screen we hear it flying in the surround area perfectly. It's certainly a very impressive track for a family film. 9/10.


Disc 1:

This is a picture-in-picture track, but not a real one. This track is compatible with all players as the scenes that feature it have those video clips embedded in them thanks to seamless branching. You can see an example in the next screenshot.

Blaster's Boot Camp (4:42) (HD)
A boot camp where Blaster trains you to become their newest recruit.

G-Force Mastermind (4:14) (HD)
Producer Jerry Bruckheimer and Director Hoyt Yeatman reveal the true inspiration for the film.

Bruckheimer Animated (3:12) (SD)
A short look at Bruckheimer's groundbreaking CG work.

Access Granted: Inside The Animation Lab (7:52) (HD)
Director and CG Master Hoyt Yeatman takes us through the high security facility where the G-Force was animated.

G-Farce: Bloopers (1:50) (SD)
A very dull bloopers reel, presented in standard-definition.

Deleted Scenes (6:17) (SD)
Six deleted scenes are included, presented in standard-definition. Some of the deleted scenes, particularly the one in the pet shop are quite fun.

Music Videos (8:24) (HD)
"Jump" by Flo Rida featuring Nelly Furtado
"Ready To Rock" by Steve Rushton
"Go G-Force" by G-Force

Disc 2:

DVD Copy of the film

Disc 3:

Digital Copy of the film
iTunes/Windows Media Compatible

Overall there are not too many extras. The inclusion of both a DVD and Digital Copy is fantastic though, and something I'm sure any family can appreciate. 8/10.

Blu-news Summary
G-Force is a film that is certainly pre-judged by it's cover, many thinking it will be overly annoying and purely for kids. I actually think the film is very entertaining, while it does have the standard family film gags it definitely is much more original than other movies.

The G-Force is a group of guinea pigs, with a fly and mole assistant. The idea sounds crazy and wacky, but it's actually very fun. The movie is well-paced and features quite a bit of action and explosions, all in Bruckheimer style.

The characters are cute and the film is certainly much better than I ever anticipated, I also love that the film has a lot of heart and we really get a connection with the characters. Overall the film is aimed at kids, if you have kids you should definitely consider picking up this release, you may find yourself enjoying it as well. 8/10.

The Blu-ray release is very strong, featuring impressive video and audio. Extras are not too in-depth, but the inclusion of a DVD copy is fantastic. Overall this release is 'Highly Recommended' to those with children.

Additional Screenshots:

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