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Lost: The Complete Fifth Season Blu-ray Review

Disc 1 Size: 38.7 GB
Disc 2 Size: 41.7 GB
Disc 3 Size: 43.7 GB
Disc 4 Size: 44.2 GB
Disc 5 Size: 44.2 GB
TV Rating: TV-14
Region: A


All 16 episodes from the fifth season of Lost are included across 5 Blu-ray discs, each episode featuring a 1080p AVC/MPEG-4 encode. No surprise, the fifth season of Lost looks absolutely stunning. The beauty that is Lost on Blu-ray becomes clear from the very first frame, detail is some of the best to be seen on the format, and the colors on this release are out of this world.

If you own a previous season of Lost on Blu-ray, you know just how amazing the island scenes in particular look. Colors are extremely vibrant and black levels are always ink-like and impressive. The colors on this release will leap off your screen and easily impress any viewer.

The amount of detail in certain scenes is jaw-dropping, we don't even experience detail like this on many blockbuster films on Blu-ray. The island settings lend themselves well to fantastic pop and detail, and be prepared for the amazing high-def closeups, where you can literally count the pores on someone's face as well as every hair on their head.

The presentations also feature a healthy layer of grain throughout, but it's certainly fitting and I don't see how even grain haters could dislike the look of the show (especially in high-def). Like previous seasons, darker scenes with less lighting do feature noise, but it's certainly not any fault of the high-def transfer.

If you have not yet experienced Lost on Blu-ray, you are certainly missing out on some very impressive demo material. This is what Blu-ray is all about, I can't wait to see what other TV shows will come close to Lost when we see more and more series get Blu-ray releases. Lost not only impresses on Blu-ray, it's high-def perfection. 10/10.

Each episode includes a 5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio track to accompany the stunning video presentations. Like the video portion, the audio mixes on this release are of the absolute highest quality.

Dialogue comes through perfectly, clear and crisp. What makes a fantastic audio track to me is the clarity and whenever possible the fitting surround use. Lost not only provides clarity, but it also makes some amazing surround use and really immerses you into the experience.

Bass is used quite often and quite aggressively. The surround speakers are used to create environment, and they actually do a very good job with that. We can be in a wide open jungle, we can be near the ocean, we can be in a very tight very cramped room and the mix makes each scene a very lifelike experience.

Whoever mixes Lost does a fantastic job, and the lossless audio on the Blu-ray only makes that much more clear. This is what high-def sound is all about, particularly impressive for a television show. 10/10.


Disc 1:

Lost Starter Kit (4:43) (HD)
A quick recap from the past seasons of Lost, well the most important details.

Audio Commentary:
For episode "Because You Left."

With SeasonPlay, automatically continue where you left off last. This is a very welcome feature for those who hate remembering the exact episode or spot since the last time they viewed. The feature is present across all five discs.

Disc 2:

See disc 1 bonus features.

Disc 3:

Audio Commentary
For episode "He's Our You."

See disc 1 bonus features.

Disc 4:

Lost 100 (19:00) (HD)
The cast and crew talk about reaching the 100th episode. See footage from the last day of filming the episode.

See disc 1 bonus features.

Disc 5:

Lost University
Classes begin December 8, 2009. For more information and to entroll go to, I will update the review when this feature becomes live. See a sneak preview of Lost University below:

Mysteries Of The Universe (26:50) (SD)
Described as 'an episode from a short-lived television series from the 1980s. The topics explored may be of particular interest to fans of 'Lost.' This is not actually a television series, but a unique mockumentary that feels extremely authentic to the show, very low quality video intentional.

Easter Egg (1:37) (SD)
Scroll down to 'Lost 100' and then scroll right with your remote control, a clickable dot will appear under the text of 'Mysteries Of The Universe.' Click to see footage from the Lost 100th episode party.

Lost 100 (19:00) (HD)
Insert disc 4 to view, footage from the last day of filming the 100th episode.

Making Up For Lost Time (13:49) (HD)
Cast and crew discuss the time traveling present in Lost.

An Epic Day With Richard Alpert (12:15) (HD)
Go on set with Richard Alpert as he films on April 1st, 2009.

Easter Egg (2;52) (HD)
Scroll to feature "An Epic Day With Richard Alpert", click to the left and then click down on your remote control, a clickable dot will appear on the right side of 'Lost On Location.' Click to see an additional feature on how they made the ship in a bottle sequence.

Building 23 & Beyond (12:01) (HD)
Michael Emerson gives a tour of the Burbank lot for Lost.

Easter Egg (2:40) (HD)
After scrolling to "Building 23 & Beyond", scroll to the right and click up on your remote control. A clickable dot will appear above the feature "An Epic Day With Richard Alpert." Click to view a conversation with Michael Merson and the creators/executive producers as they eat lunch.

Easter Egg (2:09) (HD)
After scrolling to "Building 23 & Beyond", scroll to the left with your remote control, a clickable dot will appear on the left side of the screen. Click to view a conversation with Michael Emerson and the creators/executive producers.

Lost On Location (37:44) (HD)
Behind-the-scenes footage from filming several episodes.

Deleted Scenes (13:43) (SD)
Eight deleted scenes are included and are presented in standard definition.

Easter Egg (:25) (SD)
Scroll down to "Deleted Scenes," scroll to the left with your remote control, a clickable dot will appear directly under the word 'Lost' on the feature "Lost On Location." Click to view an additional deleted scene.

Lost Bloopers (3:48) (HD)
Just a bunch of laughing, fans may find some of it funny though.

Easter Egg (:52) (HD)
Scroll down to 'Lost Bloopers', scroll to the left and then click up on your remote control, a clickable dot will appear directly under and after the word 'Lost' on the feature "Lost On Location." Click to view a short introduction of the stuntmen for Lost.

See disc 1 bonus features.

The majority of bonus features are located on disc 5 and are all very entertaining. I particularly loved all the behind-the-scenes footage from the set and filming of Lost. Lost University becomes active on release date, we shall see just how impressive it is...or isn't. Right now there is much to enjoy, but still not a massive amount of extras. 7/10.

Blu-news Summary:
We are now coming close to the end of Lost, with only one season left to go. Time really does fly by and we now have Lost: The Complete Fifth Season on Blu-ray, as well as all of the previous seasons.

Lost: Season Five is not a place to start for those new to the series, you will be left confused as can be, even the recap on disc 1 leaves much to be covered. The show is fantastic enough that I would easily recommend you go out and purchase or rent the previous seasons on Blu-ray or even DVD, as it's definitely worth your time and money.

This season has gone through some major changes since Season 1, and not all is completely embraced by fans of the show. In personal life, many local friends and family have complained that they hope the show won't end with too many unanswered questions. With more mystery each episode comes many more questions, some answered and some always left unanswered.

It will be interesting what the writers have in store for the next and final season of Lost, we could end up with the most genius ending for a television series ever, or we could also face one of the most disappointing finales ever. It's all up for debate, but I do have faith in the writers and will continue to watch each episode with anticipation of the finale.

So far the show has been truly epic and features the quality present on many premium television favorites such as Dexter, True Blood and Weeds. This season has still been very strong overall, aside from a few dull episodes. I know many people have yet to give Lost a chance, so I won't really talk much about what I liked and disliked this season. Just know that the season does not disappoint, and it's never to late to get Lost if you haven't already. 9/10.

The Blu-ray release is truly amazing, featuring demo quality video and audio presentations for each episode. Extras are also very entertaining, and I can't wait to check out Lost University. The Blu-ray release is a 'Must Own' for fans and 'Highly Recommended' for those looking to get into Lost, just make sure you pick up the previous seasons as well.

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