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A Perfect Getaway Blu-ray Review

Disc Size: 44.8 GB
Film Size: 22.7 GB / 20.7 GB
Film Rating: Unrated / R
Region: Free

A Perfect Getaway comes to Blu-ray with two 1080p VC-1 video presentations, one being the unrated Director's cut and the other the theatrical version. A film that takes place on Hawaiian islands featuring every color of the rainbow, sounds like the perfect high-def release right? Not necessarily in this case.

The film's color palette is quite extensive but colors tend to look oversatured more than a few times in the transfer. Grain levels are fairly natural, but at times grain felt a bit too in focus and sharp, whether it was an intentional look for the film or edge enhancement, it's hard to call, either way it bugged me a few times.

Detail was generally top notch, most scenes feature a fantastic amount of pop and depth, and textures can be quite fantastic. The film has some moments that make for great demo material, but it's not always this way. Overall I think this is a good video presentation, it's not all demo material like I had hoped, but there are not too many issues with A Perfect Getaway on Blu-ray. 8/10.

A 5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio track is included for the release and while it is good, it's far from amazing. The mix was quite active, featuring some highlight surround moments and clarity, but the mix also got quite dull from time to time.

The mix may be active and aggressive when it's called for the most, but I hardly felt like I was part of the experience. Quiet scenes featured very little environment noises and after hearing many stellar tracks lately it's even more disappointing that a thriller can't deliver a thrilling audio experience.

Dialogue is front and center, always clear and crisp. The film's effects and music expand into the surround area when absolutely necessarily, but you may find yourself surprised by how dull the track is overall. As mentioned it does have it's highlights, but don't expect to be too impressed by the mix included. 7/10.


Original Scripted Ending (2:39) (HD)
Don't let the cover art fool you, the original scripted ending is even duller than the film. It's actually the same ending just cut about a minute shorter so it makes the outcome for one person a mystery.

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The extras are very dull, with only one actual video feature. I'm surprised we didn't see an audio commentary on any release of A Perfect Getaway, clearly the director put effort into making a new unrated cut, you would think he would want to talk about his film as well.

In the end though, there is not a commentary track and I don't see this release screaming re-release anytime soon. The film definitely called for additional features, such as a making of and cast/crew interviews. 2/10.

Blu-news Summary
A Perfect Getaway is a fun film, but fun does not always work for all films, particularly a thriller. My biggest issue with the film is how predictable it is, the 'twists' and 'scares' featured in the movie can be called out way before they actually happen and the hints are a bit too obvious at times.

Due to being easily predictable, the film lacks much suspense until everything is revealed to those who did not catch on. At that point the film definitely picks up as far as thrills go and then we actually begin to care about what happens to anyone in the film.
The latter scenes are intense and definitely help create a much more solid thriller, although I think the twist was a bit out there, it ultimately works fine. I do think if they had chosen alternative killers the film would have worked better as a whole.

The acting itself was fine, I certainly found Milla Jovovich one of the highlights of the film. She has a very distinct look about her but you don't associate her with past film characters. A Perfect Getaway is not a perfect film at all, but if you are interested I certainly would not discourage it. 6/10.

The Blu-ray release is decent, featuring a good video presentation with an underwhelming audio track. Extras on the release are almost non-existent and ultimately the most disappointing aspect of the release, the film really called for more and it does deserve more. A Perfect Getaway is not a perfect film nor purchase, but I would definitely consider it 'A Perfect Rental.'

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