Monday, January 4, 2010

Jennifer's Body Blu-ray Review

Disc Size: 44.0 GB
Film Rating: R/Unrated
Region: A

Jennifer’s Body comes to Blu-ray with a 1080p AVC/MPEG-4 video presentation that provides both versions of the film via seamless branching. The movie looks very good in high-definition, certain scenes in the film rank among the best high-def visual moments.

Detail is very strong, whether it be facial, clothing or environment textures. Everything really comes to life and is given quite a bit of depth. Colors are definitely a bit pushed at times, but likely due to intention; black levels are solid from beginning to end.

Grain levels vary from scene, with some moments where it’s quite clear and present and other scenes where it’s almost impossible to spot. Edge enhancement or DNR do not appear to be present at all on this release though. It’s a good transfer that is usually impressive aside from a few moments that look the way they due to intention and setting. I don’t see how anyone will be disappointed visually by Jennifer’s Body on Blu-ray as it surpasses the DVD in every way possible. 8/10.

A 5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio track is included and it’s a fairly active and engaging mix. Average scenes are less active surround wise, but dialogue is always crisp and clear. The film’s more aggressive moments are matched with aggressive surround use with pretty good direction.

The film’s effects are placed all throughout the surround area and everything sounded well-placed. The movie also features some good bass use from time to time. While the movie does not compare to the best audio mixes on the Blu-ray format, it’s quite respectable and has some highlight moments. 8/10.


Audio Commentary
By Director Karyn Kusama and Writer Diablo Cody (Theatrical Version Only)

Audio Commentary
By Director Karyn Kusama (Extended Version Only)

Deleted Scenes (13:56) (HD)
Six deleted scenes are included and presented in high-definition.

Gag Reel (4:56) (SD)
A typical gag reel presented in standard-definition.

Jennifer’s Body: The Dead Pool (14:01) (HD)
See how they made the pool scene featured in the film.

Video Diaries (12:51) (HD)
Video diaries for Megan Fox and Johnny Simmons. Amanda Seyfried, Diablo Cody, and Dan Bubiecki are included.

Megan Fox is Hot (:57) (HD)
A quick highlight reel of hot moments from Megan Fox.

Megan Fox “Peer Pressure” PSA (:40) (SD)
A very funny PSA from Megan Fox, definitely worth a watch.

Fox Movie Channel Presents: (26:27) (SD)
Life after Film School with Writer Diablo Cody.

Trailers (HD)
(500) Days of Summer
Something Something Something Darkside
Wrong Turn 3: Left For Dead

Extras on this release are quite nice, probably more than the film deserves, but there is no such thing as too many extras. Two audio commentary tracks are included as well as some satisfying featurettes and additional scenes. I personally loved the PSA from Megan Fox, it was totally random but very funny. 8/10.

Blu-news Summary
Diablo Cody is back with Jennifer’s Body, following the success of Juno it was only a matter of when. The movie stars Megan Fox, with a film title that reminds us why Megan Fox has had quite a successful career the past couple of years. I remember seeing her originally in a Disney film with the once innocent and enjoyable Lindsay Lohan titled ‘Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen.’ Megan Fox played the fitting role of the mean girl in the movie.

Transformers was the next time I actually realized she was in a film which pretty much set her up for so many opportunities, quickly making her a sex icon among teens and adults. Megan Fox is a fox, she looks great and there’s no denying her visual appeal. Her acting is quite terrible though, but then again she’s never had the greatest roles to work with (I don’t think anyone could have saved Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen).

Amanda Seyfried co-stars in the film as Megan’s best friend. I’ve always had immense respect for Amanda Seyfried as she’s shown quite a drastic range in her acting and her roles. She will forever be remembered as dumb girl Karen Smith from Mean Girls, while I’m sure many will not agree, I totally think Mean Girls will be what Clueless is today, not widely acclaimed but still widely popular.

Jennifer’s Body is a stupid story about a cheerleader named Jennifer Check who feeds on her male classmates, thus the tag line from the theatrical campaign..”She’s Evil…And Not Just High School Evil.” It’s all up to best friend Needy Lesnicky to help her friend while saving her other friends as well in the process.

I loved Juno, I thought it was original and refreshing and I loved the dialogue. It was odd and not a lot made sense, but for the character of Juno is was not out of place. Diablo Cody recycles a lot from Juno, whether it be dialogue or names of the characters, putting it into a film where it feels quite out of place.

I don’t think the film is absolutely terrible, but I would not recommend anyone purchase the movie without renting it first. It’s decent for a one-time viewing, but the movie is not that good that you will want to see it again in my opinion.

There are a few positives, I think the humor is quite funny at times and certain moments just bleed awesome, but for an R-rated film named ‘Jennifer’s Body’, it doesn’t feature nearly enough sex. I think the film would not work as a PG-13 film, some of the best lines are explicit in nature, but they definitely could have been more extreme with the R-rating.

Overall the film is decent and a solid rental if you are interested. The cover art for the Blu-ray and DVD release is great I have to say, enough reason to get people interested. It’s a film I could live without seeing, but at the same time I don’t regret seeing it. It’s a film that’s just there, makes for an entertaining hour and forty minutes, but that’s really it. 6/10.

The Blu-ray release is good, featuring a strong video and audio presentation. Extras are also quite good, and the Digital Copy is a nice feature for those who want to have the movie on the go. Ultimately I don’t recommend you purchase the Blu-ray release unless you are a big fan, otherwise ‘Give It A Rent’ if you are interested.

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