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Walk The Line Blu-ray Review

Disc Size: 37.5 GB
Film Size: 27.9 GB
Film Rating: PG-13
Region: A

The Video
Walk The Line comes to Blu-ray for the first time domestically, featuring the much loved theatrical version, but unfortunately missing the extended cut. The extended cut is longer, but the theatrical release is certainly strong enough as is and what everyone fell in love with originally.

Regardless the Blu-ray release comes with a 1080p AVC/MPEG-4 video presentation. I remember when the transfer was originally created, and have since confirmed this to be the same transfer which was completed in the summer of 2007 but never released.

The video presentation is quite impressive, featuring a very healthy encode that is sure to please. Tthe movie looks very natural and everything leaps off the screen. There are a couple of scenes that are a bit on the soft site and look a tad dated, but otherwise the movie looks like a new release (like it should, being less than five years old).

Colors are always rich and black levels are always solid. Detail is also quite impressive and sharp. The presentation features a nice amount of depth and features a significant upgrade from the many DVD releases of the movie. 9/10.

The Audio
A 5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio track is included and is the highlight of the disc. The audio presentation is reference from beginning to end, but the performance moments really stand out and shine.

The clarity present is outstanding, you would swear you were there in the same room...only better. Vocals are of the best quality available on Blu-ray and the instruments feature great separation from each other.

It is fantastic when an audio mix can add to a viewing experience so much like this one. The movie may not become your demo material as it does not feature explosions and robots battling every second of the film, but the clarity easily tops some of the best demo material mixes on Blu-ray.

I'm extremely impressed by the mix and I'm sure you will be as well. The DTS-HD Master Audio track is definitely among my very favorite tracks and I will definitely be using this Blu-ray release many times in the future for demos. 10/10.

The Extras

Audio Commentary
By Co-writer and Director James Mangold.

More Man In Black - Deleted Scenes (23:14) (HD)
Ten deleted scenes are included and are available with optional commentary by co-writer and director James Mangold.

Extended Musical Sequences (5:38) (HD)
"Rock and Roll Ruby"
"Cocaine Blues"

Folsom, Cash & The Comeback (11:47) (SD)
The downfall of Johnny Cash and his comeback are discussed.

Celebrating The Man In Black (21:39) (SD)
The making of Walk The Line.

Ring Of Fire (11:29) (SD)
The Passion of Johnny & June.

Walk The Line Theatrical Trailer (1:50) (HD)

The extras are all ported over from the 2-disc DVD release and are presented in both high definition and standard definition. Deleted scenes and extended sequences are presented in high-definition and look great, while the featurettes were appropriately mastered in standard definition. This is a decent amount of extras, although much more could have been included. 6/10.

The Movie
From Director James Mangold comes Walk The Line, a biopic on the life of "The Man in Black" Johnny Cash. Who hasn't heard of Johnny Cash? The man was a living legend and his music still remains extremely popular today. The film stars Joaquin Phoenix as Johnny Cash and Reese Witherspoon as June Carter.

I typically feel that many actors are easily replaceable in films, but both Joaquin and Reese really shined and truly helped make the film so enjoyable. Joaquin Phoenix has a very strong voice and at times sounds freakishly identical to that of Mr. Johnny Cash. Reese also brings a surprising performance in both acting and singing and really helps seperate her from usual typecast roles.

The film portrays Johnny Cash in a very raw and real way, featuring both his high points and low points in his life, career and relationships. The life of Johnny Cash was not perfect, but he certainly made his mark on the world in so many ways.

Walk The Line is a very inspiring and touching film that I'm sure most of you have already experienced. Those who have yet to see the film are definitely missing out on what I believe to be an already classic film. This is the type of film I imagine will still be highly acclaimed and loved even thirty years from now.

Everything about this movie is great, whether it be the directing, acting, singing or scenery. Those involved in the film took us back to a time and brings it to life for viewers today. Walk The Line is a brilliant and I can't recommend it enough. 10/10.

Blu-news Summary
Walk The Line is finally available on Blu-ray and is more impressive than I could have expected! Featuring an impressive video presentation and demo-worthy audio mix make this one a 'Must Own' for fans and 'Highly Recommended' to those new to the film.

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