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Capitalism: A Love Story Blu-ray Review

Disc Size: 43.2 GB
Film Size: 29.3 GB
Film Rating: R
Region: A
The Video
Capitalism: A Love Story comes to Blu-ray with a 1080p AVC/MPEG-4 video presentation. The documentary looks very good in high-definition. There are moments of standard-def upconverted footage but are not very distracting at all, some moments don’t actually look too bad.

The quality of the image won’t be that of a new release film, but for a documentary I think it’s very good. Colors are quite strong throughout and black levels are generally solid. There are some moments of grain which appear during certain scenes, but are also fairly light.

The documentary is a clear improvement from DVD, many moments are very appealing visually, but it’s not like that was the intention of this documentary. Overall I think viewers will be very pleased by the high-def results as it can be impressive from time to time. 8/10.

The Audio
A 5.1 Dolby TrueHD audio track is included and for a documentary it sounds quite good. The audio is a very front heavy experience, but there are some effective surround moments thrown in. It is a documentary so I set my expectations a bit lower going in, but I surprisingly found the quality of the dialogue from both recent and aged footage to be of very high quality.

Dialogue was crisp and clear and always easy to understand. The film’s music can be nicely aggressive throughout the front left and right speakers. The film’s sound effects are usually front heavy as well, but there are some good surround use moments where it felt natural and not out of place.

It’s hard to imagine anyone will be dissatisfied by the quality of the Dolby TrueHD audio track. Considering the source elements, it definitely doesn’t get much better than this. Don’t go in expecting to be amazed and you will find yourself more than pleased. 8/10.

The Extras

Disc 1:

Harvard Professor Elizabeth Warren on How Wall Street Got Away With Murder (8:21) (HD)
We saw clips of her in the documentary, but not many. This is another eight minutes with her.

Sorry, House-Flippers and Banks – You’re Toast in Flint, MI (5:33) (HD)
Michael Moore talks with Dan Kildee.

Congressman Cummings Dares to Speak the Unspeakable (7:07) (HD)

Congressman Cummings sits down and talks with Michael Moore.

NY Times Pulitzer Prize Winner Chris Hedges on the Killing Machine Known as Capitalism (8:44) (HD)
Chris Hedges talks about capitalism and its effect.

The Rich Don’t Go To Heaven (There’s A Special Place Reserved for them!) (8:30) (HD)
Michael Moore interviews Father Dick Preston.

What If, Just If, We Had Listened To Jimmy Carter in 1979? (17:50) (HD)
This is President Jimmy Carter’s Address to the Nation from July 15th, 1979.

The Omnivore’s Dilemma? It’s Capitalism (6:11) (HD)
Professor Michael Pollan, author of ‘The Omnivore’s Dilemma’ talks about capitalism.

Commie Taxi Drivers – “You Talkin’ To Me?” – In Wisconsin (5:49) (HD)
Fred Schepartz, a Union Cab Driver explains his commission as well as others, there are some surprising benefits.

How to Run the Place Where You Work (11:17) (HD)
Professor Tom Webb, an expert on Worker Cooperatives talks about capitalism.

The Socialist Bank of – North Dakota? (4:43) (HD)
Political Scientist Dr. Rozanne Enverson Junker talks about the bank of North Dakota.

The Bank Kicks Them Out, Max Kicks Them Back In (10:52) (HD)
Another movement which did not make it into the documentary, fans will definitely enjoy this.

Teaser Trailer (1:15) (HD)

Theatrical Trailer (2:00) (HD)

Disc 2:

Digital Copy
Compatible with iTunes and Windows Media.

The bonus features on this release are great and there are definitely plenty to see. What I love most is that Anchor Bay didn’t cheap out and included all of the bonus features in high-definition and it’s something I hope all studios realize is important. If something is available in high-definition, include it in high-definition.

The features are all very interesting and perhaps overwhelming, but they are all worthy of watching at least in several different viewings to get through them all. I’m very happy about the bonus features of this release. 9/10.

The Movie
Michael Moore is back with another controversial subject, which is capitalism. Michael Moore has definitely become a love him or hate him type of guy regarding just about any topic of discussion. The man is not afraid to say how he feels and while he definitely pushes his beliefs upon viewers, I definitely find the guy to be absolutely entertaining.

Michael Moore takes on capitalism in the film, whether it is interviews with those against it, those who have taken advantage or just making statements. While not everyone may agree with Michael Moore’s views, he as well as others brings up some very good arguments and points.

I also loved seeing real-life stories of people and communities standing up for their rights as U.S. citizens, it is extremely inspiring and definitely leaves an impact. The movie isn’t overly negative, it may be negative towards those taking advantage of the system, but it also shows positive people trying to make a change.

Those who dislike previous Michael Moore documentaries will likely dislike Capitalism: A Love Story as Michael Moore does not tone down anything. If you are a fan, you will definitely find much to love about Capitalism: A Love Story.

Whether you agree with him or not though, I think any viewer will find at least some form of entertainment. The documentary is over two hours long and while it did have issues towards the middle, it quickly picked itself back up and managed to end on a very positive note. I definitely enjoyed Capitalism: A Love Story and I think many viewers may find they feel the same way after watching it. 8/10.

The Blu-news Summary
Capitalism: A Love Story is a great documentary with truly inspiring moments throughout. The Blu-ray release is great, featuring a strong video presentation and surprisingly good audio mix. The extras are also particularly impressive. Overall the Blu-ray release is a ‘Must Own’ for fans and ‘Recommended’ to all others.

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