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Preacher's Kid Blu-ray Review

Disc Size: 20.9 GB
Film Size: 17.5 GB
Film Rating: PG-13
Region: ABCThe Video
Preacher’s Kid comes to Blu-ray with a 1080p VC-1 video presentation. I watched the film on my high-def projector and was very pleased by the result. The Blu-ray release features fantastic colors and a nice amount of improved clarity from DVD.

Detail levels vary, but are usually quite strong. The presentation is pretty much crystal clear and free of any technical issues or specks. The movie looks like it has pretty decent production values for a film which would be more dependent on home video sales aside from a very limited theatrical release.

The film’s black levels are generally very strong and only wish they were inkier during the club scene towards the beginning of the film. Overall though, I really have no major complaints about the look of the film or its high-def transfer. The Blu-ray release easily improves upon the DVD version of the film and I think any viewer will be very satisfied by the presentation. 8/10.

The Audio
An English 5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio track is the only audio option included. Optional subtitles include English (for the Hearing impaired), French and Spanish.

The audio track included on this release is certainly good, but does leave a bit to be desired. The film’s music is clear, but I wish certain moments had more of an audio impact than they did. Dialogue was presented about as crisp and clear as one could expect.

The film’s audio effects are front heavy and there was nothing in particular that stood out to me. At the same time though, there was nothing that stood out too much in a negative light either. The audio on this mix definitely gets the job done; just don’t expect to be amazed by the track. 7/10.

The Extras

Disc 1:

The Music of the Preacher’s Kid (8:37) (HD)
Go behind-the-scenes of the music in the film; learn about the inspiration and ideas for certain musical numbers in the movie.

The Prodigal Experience: Reflections on a Story (14:58) (HD)
The cast and crew of the film talk about working on the movie as well as the story.

Letoya Luckett: A Rising Star (2:34) (HD)
Meet Letoya Luckett, the star of the film talks about working on the film as well as her past successes.

The Preacher’s Kid in Atlanta (1:33) (HD)
This is a short feature all about filming in Atlanta and why they chose that location.

Additional Footage (22:31) (SD)
14 additional scenes are included and are presented in standard-definition.

Disc 2:

DVD Copy of the film

Digital Copy of the film
Compatible with iTunes and Windows Media.

Overall the extras are quite satisfying on this release. The extras aside from the additional scenes are included in high-definition. The addition of a DVD and Digital Copy is also a great option for those who have yet to upgrade to Blu-ray and/or want to take the film on the go.

Please note that the Blu-ray Combo Pack is available only for a limited time and will eventually become a standard Blu-ray release. The version I am reviewing is the combo pack version which will be available at all retailers upon initial release. 7/10.

The Movie
Preacher’s Kid debuts on Blu-ray and DVD from Warner Premiere, a branch of Warner Bros. Home Entertainment. The film did receive a very limited theatrical release; I don’t even recall even hearing about the movie until the Blu-ray announcement.

The film stars LeToya Luckett, a singer who rose to fame as a member of Destiny’s Child and later began a solo career. Unfortunately her solo career has never been as strong as her success in the group Destiny’s Child, but she has always had a strong following overall.

The girl is talented, she’s not a manufactured pop star and her music demands a strong voice. LeToya Luckett was perfectly cast as the lead as she not only had the vocal talent, but the acting talent as well. There are times where the acting comes off a bit weak, but overall I thought she did a great job.

The film’s story isn’t anything new and is extremely predictable, but I still found the film to be one which many will enjoy. The film is very similar to a Tyler Perry film, but I wouldn’t say that is a bad thing. At least this movie doesn’t feature the wacky Madea. The film puts a strong focus on God and faith, but I don’t think the film limits itself to those who do practice religion.

The movie also gives attention to an important issue which I have seen happen time and time again to many women. Domestic abuse is a huge issue that many women allow to happen because they love their man and soon begin to believe that it is okay to be disrespected and treated badly.

Preacher’s Kid is a solid Warner Premiere title and is certainly better than I expected it to be. The movie is definitely one with a target audience, but I don’t think that should be reason to avoid the movie. Fans of LeToya Luckett will definitely enjoy her performance in the movie.The movie isn’t anything we haven’t seen before, but I didn’t think the film was bad. 6/10.

The Blu-news Summary
Preacher’s Kid is a decent film featuring a good video presentation and pleasant audio. The extras are pretty entertaining. Overall this release is ‘Worth A Look.

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