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Saw: The Final Chapter 3D Blu-ray Review

Release Date: Jan. 25th, 2011
Disc Size: 39.9 GB
Film Size: 31.9 GB
Film Rating: R/Unrated
Region: A
The Video
Saw 3D’ which is now referred to as ‘Saw: The Final Chapter’ comes to Blu-ray 3D with a 1080p MVC video presentation. Please note, to view the 3D version, you must have a 3DTV, 3D Blu-ray player and compatible 3D glasses. A 2D version of the film is included on the same disc, which is compatible with your regular Blu-ray setup.

‘Saw: The Final Chapter’ is the second Blu-ray 3D release from Lionsgate. Their first release ‘My Bloody Valentine’ is a Best Buy exclusive release at the time of writing. ‘My Bloody Valentine’ was filled with ghosting issues and I had hoped it was a learning experience and there was no way there would still be serious issues on future releases like ‘Saw.’ Unfortunately, Lionsgate we have a problem.

Yes, unfortunately ‘Saw: The Final Chapter’ has ghosting issues throughout. The good news, most of it is forgivable as it tends to be quite brief with blink and you’ll miss it moments. The bad news, there are some moments which should not have made it past quality control, one of the most notable moments being when a girl is walking into a group meeting, it just looks horrendous.

That ghosting moment perhaps was difficult to manage as the colors tend to be quite murky and blended even in 2D, just not a great shot in general. I still think the ghosting effect shouldn’t have been as noticeable as it was though.

People like to put the blame on the display, which can have some effect on the amount of ghosting you see during 3D films. My experience with ghosting on my Panasonic 3D plasma has been minimal, there has been VERY little I have found distracting while going through over 30 3D titles already.

How it is that a dark film like ‘Resident Evil: Afterlife’ can be so free of ghosting, while my experience with ‘Saw: The Final Chapter’ is such a drastic difference? They both feature darker settings throughout and one obviously handles it better. Something makes me think some of the ghosting could have been prevented and not fault of the display.

Don’t start thinking the release is a disaster. Yes, there are a few ugly moments, but I would still take the Blu-ray 3D presentation over the 2D presentation any day. Detail remains as strong as the 2D transfer and features some incredible depth throughout.

‘Saw: The Final Chapter’ doesn’t rely on ‘pop out of the screen’ effects, so you will see very little coming out of the screen as the trailer would make you believe. All I can say is thank you, while it could have been fun, it would have been a bad idea for a final film in such a great torture series.

The depth really is incredible however, the traps are razor sharp (literally) and you can often feel like you are looking in an open window. I was very impressed by the dimension throughout and how detailed everything is, it really can look incredible.

Overall I am disappointed to see the ghosting throughout the presentation. While I do think some of it could have been prevented, it ultimately doesn’t make this release worth skipping. The 3D quality (aside from ghosting) looks great. If it weren’t for the ghosting, this would have been a 10/10 3D presentation, but I am afraid it will have to settle for a respectable but less than desirable 3D score. 8/10

The Audio
An English 7.1 DTS-HD Master Audio track is the lossless option included. Also included is a French 5.1 Dolby Digital audio track. Subtitle options include English, English SDH and Spanish.

The English 7.1 lossless mix included is fantastic, as expected. Saw on Blu-ray has always made for a great audio experience and the finale is no different. Surround use is very heavy throughout, truly immersing you into the 3D experience.

Dialogue is crisp and clear as it should be. The film’s audio effects as mentioned are placed throughout the surround speakers and hear every movement of the traps with perfect clarity. The mix is just extremely impressive; I loved every second of the mix. 10/10

The Extras

Disc 1 (Blu-ray 3D):

Audio Commentaries
  • Producers’ Audio Commentary
  • Writers’ Audio Commentary
Deleted & Extended Scenes (13:46) (HD)
Six scenes are included and presented in high-definition.

Music Videos (20:48) (HD)
  • Karnivool – “Goliath”
  • Kopek – “Cocaine Chest Pains”
  • I-Exist – “Pass Out”
  • Dakno Jones – “Full Of Regret”
  • Dir En Grey – “Hageshisa To, Kono Mune No Naka De Karamitsuita Shakunetsu No Yami”
52 Ways to Die (14:16) (HD)
The creative masterminds behind the Saw traps talk about the many traps throughout the Saw franchise.

Theatrical Trailer (0:58) (HD)
Is included in high-definition.

Also From Lionsgate (HD)
Previews for other Lionsgate horror releases, including ‘Saw 1-7,’ ‘The Last Exorcism,’ and more.

Save your favorite scenes or where you left off and return to them later.

LG Live (Internet Connection Required)
  • LG Gadgets
  • Twitter/Facebook Integration
  • Wallpapers
Disc 2 (DVD):

DVD copy of the film

Digital (Download):

Digital Copy of the film
To redeem your iTunes Digital Copy you must visit the specified website, enter your unique redemption code and download via iTunes. The Digital Copy is not included on the DVD disc.

The extras included on this release are satisfying. This is the ultimate package release of this film, including a Blu-ray 3D, Blu-ray, DVD and Digital Copy version of the film. The featurette included is very enjoyable, I just wish more was included. 7.5/10

The 3D Movie
Saw: The Final Chapter’ was filmed in 3D and marketed itself as one of the most gimmicky films of all time when it comes to 3D use. You remember those trailers right? Check it out below if you don’t.

Thankfully the actual film does not rely on those 3D effects, it would feel so out of place considering the other films were not released in 3D nor featured items flying towards the screen for the sake of ‘impressing’ audiences.I absolutely love the ‘Saw’ franchise and I was ecstatic when they announced the films were coming to an end, they could go on and on, but it was the perfect time to end the series. I saw the film theatrically in 3D and was quite impressed, but I found my in-home viewing experience to be even better when it comes to depth and dimension.

The film stars where the last film left off on, it does rely on the other films heavily for the ultimate experience. Those who have not seen the other films will be quite confused throughout, that isn’t to say you won’t enjoy the creative traps and tension throughout.

The traps in this film are probably the most disappointing aspect of the film this time around. I was expecting bigger traps for the final film, but some of the deaths were rather underwhelming in comparison to those seen in previous ‘Saw’ films. Regardless, there are still some enjoyable ones to be found in this film.The film while far from a masterpiece was very fun. I thought it was a great conclusion to a very exciting series. I am especially grateful the film didn’t sell itself out for a gimmicky 3D experience (those can be cool), but not here. If they want to do that, they should start a totally different series of films.

I love ‘Saw: The Final Chapter’ and I think most will find entertainment from it. I am sure some will find the ending somewhat disappointing, but I thought it great fun overall. It is sad to see ‘Saw’ come to an end, but all good things must come to an end and hopefully before they lose all respect of viewers. 8/10

The Blu-news Summary
‘Saw: The Final Chapter’ is an incredibly fun film and is a respectable end to a great franchise. The Blu-ray 3D features fantastic 3D moments which are unfortunately flawed at times with notable ghosting. The audio presentation is top notch and makes for fantastic demo material. The extras are very satisfying, although more is always better. Overall the Blu-ray 3D release is ‘Recommended’ despite the flaws.

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