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Scream 2 Blu-ray Review

Release Date: March 29th, 2011
Disc Size: 21.8 GB
Film Size: 19.6 GB
Film Rating: R
Region: A
The Video
Scream 2’ debuts on Blu-ray with a 1080p AVC/MPEG-4 video presentation. Like the first ‘Scream’ film, ‘Scream 2’ has a soft look to it. From the beginning you will notice an immediate improvement from previous home video releases of the film.

The detail in the presentation isn’t razor sharp like with many high-def releases, but the improvement in detail is visible and easy to see. Outdoor sequences are once again the most disappointing looking scenes in the film, but I think it can be traced back to the source and not any manipulation of the transfer.

The film features a pleasant layer of grain throughout. Colors are very solid, generally rich and inky, as are black levels. Dirt and specks are found on the release, but I actually didn’t find them to be much of a distraction in the film. Overall I think the film looks great, especially in comparison to previous home video releases. 8/10

The Audio
Lionsgate has included an English 5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio track. The lossless track is the only audio option included aside from the audio commentary found in the bonus features. Optional subtitles include English, English SDH and Spanish.

The DTS-HD Master Audio mix included is not as good as my audio experience for ‘Scream,’ however it is still a great sounding mix. The mix is a bit more front heavy than the first film, but that isn’t so say there isn’t some great surround use moments.

Dialogue is generally crisp and easy to understand, with a few quieter sounding moments. The film’s music once again comes through clearly and beautifully. The mix as a whole does add to the experience and is very enjoyable; it just isn’t among the most impressive horror mixes. 8/10

The Extras

Audio Commentary
By Director Wes Craven, Producer Marianne Maddalena and Editor Patrick Lussier

Deleted Scenes (4:09) (SD)
Include optional commentary by Director Wes Craven, Producer Marianne Maddalena and Editor Patrick Lussier.

Outtakes (8:54) (SD)
The collection of outtakes is simply hilarious.

Featurette (7:06) (SD)
This feature serves as the making of for the film, but it is really a promotional piece. Cast interviews and behind-the-scenes footage is mixed in with clips from the film.

Music Videos (SD)
  • Master P – “Scream” (3:07)
  • Kottonmouth Kings – “Suburban Life” (3:48)
Theatrical Trailer (2:16) (SD)
The film’s theatrical trailer is included in standard-definition.

TV Spots (6:19) (SD)
Eleven TV spots are included in this feature.

Also From Lionsgate (HD)
High-def previews for current and upcoming Lionsgate films.

Save your favorite scenes and return to them later.

The extras included for this release are entertaining. I loved the audio commentary track included, but I wish more behind-the-scenes footage was included. The trailer and deleted scenes are nice, and the outtakes do shine, but I was left wanting more. 6/10

The Movie
‘Scream’ was a fantastic horror film, featuring a nice mix of scares and laughs. A sequel is something people tend to get nervous about, and there is reason to be, very few sequels end up being nearly as good as the original, and the point is made in the film itself as well.

Unlike most sequels, ‘Scream 2’ actually delivers and provides an incredibly fun film experience that must be seen with friends. The film takes place a few years after the original with all surviving leads back for another round.

The film starts off in a movie theater where the audience is ready to watch the film adaptation of the events from the first film. Chances are you have seen this film before, but just in case I won’t be writing any major spoilers about the film. I just have to say that it was sad to see Jada Pinkett (Smith) die so soon in the film, I really loved her character from the few minutes we got to know her.The events that happen in the movie theater kick off the rest of the story and the survivors from the first film quickly fear realize that the killings are far from over. The film has some scary moments, but I love the humor brought to it especially.

Like the first film, ‘Scream 2’ brings plenty of intentional laughs. I think that is why the films are so enjoyable, and makes for one of the better horror film experiences an audience can have together. I did not see the film in theaters, but man do I wish I did.

‘’Scream 2’ is an excellent follow up to the original and while it may not rank as highly as the original, it certainly comes very close. The film is just a great time, even though it is predictable. I love the cast, I love the writing and I love the story. 8.5/10

The Blu-news Summary
Scream 2’ is a fantastic and fun film with a great Blu-ray release. The video and audio presentations are notable improvements from previous home video releases and the extras are all ported over. ‘Scream 2’ on Blu-ray is easily ‘Recommended’ to anyone.

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