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Straight Talk Blu-ray Review

Release Date: May 10th, 2011
Disc Size: 18.0 GB
Film Size: 17.4 GB
Film Rating: PG
Region: A
The Video
Straight Talk’ comes to Blu-ray with a 1080p AVC/MPEG-4 video presentation. This is another licensed release from Mill Creek Entertainment. After reviewing their Blu-ray release for ‘Big Business,’ I felt quite confident going into this release that the presentation would be nice.

The film looks quite good in high-definition. The clarity and improvement is obvious, there is definitely no confusing it for standard-definition. Even weaker looking moments still feature a notable level in improvement.

Colors are pleasing and black levels remain solid throughout. Detail isn’t always the sharpest, but it is definitely easy to appreciate in the majority of the scenes. The film isn’t visually stunning, but it certainly doesn’t look bad either.

Overall I think this is a respectable transfer that will at least please fans of the film. I’ve never seen the film look better, so I don’t know how much better it could look than this. Overall I think Mill Creek did a good job with the transfer, with no serious issues to report. 6.5/10

The Audio
An English 2.0 DTS-HD Master Audio track is included. The packaging lists the release with English 2.0 Dolby Digital audio, but rest assured that it was simply a mistake. Like with other titles in the Mill Creek wave, no subtitle options are included.

While 2.0 audio isn’t exactly something to get excited about, I am very appreciative that Mill Creek managed to include a high-def audio track. The film relies very little on surround sound effects, so I wasn’t too upset when a 5.1 mix was not included.

Dialogue is of highest priority in the film and sounds quite clear throughout. The film’s music also has some nice clarity throughout. Audio effects from the film manage to satisfy, though nothing special. Overall this is a very solid mix, which I don’t think could sound much better. 6/10

The Extras

No extras are included. 0/10

The Movie
‘Straight Talk’ is one film I didn’t expect to see on Blu-ray for many years, but thanks to Mill Creek the film gets an earlier than expected high-def debut. The romantic comedy film starring Dolly Parton has always had a positive response and following throughout the years.

I have always found the film to be a harmless comedy. Dolly Parton is always likable, and I think she does a particularly great job in comedy films. The story is wacky and fun, which is what I enjoyed most about the film.The country girl who suddenly becomes the city’s biggest radio personality makes for a more unique story, mixed with a predictable but fitting love story. The film certainly has cheesy moments, but I do think the film holds up quite well for a film just about to celebrate its 20th anniversary since original release.

The film is a lot of fun, although it doesn’t rank among the best comedies from the early 90’s. If you find yourself to be a fan of the typical romantic comedy, I think you will find great entertainment from Dolly Parton in ‘Straight Talk.’ 6.5/10

The Blu-news Summary
Straight Talk’ earns a solid Blu-ray release from Mill Creek Entertainment. The video and audio presentations are certainly satisfying, and at times impressive. Overall this Blu-ray release is ‘Worth A Look’ to any fan of the film. The pricing on the release is fantastic.

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